What do we know about Anthony Bourdain, host of the former ‘No Reservations’ and now ‘Parts Unknown’ and author of international hit Kitchen Confidential? Well, that. And that he isn’t afraid to eat a fetal duck egg live on-air.

But here are some other random tidbits you may not know about everyone’s favorite Travel Channel marathon host.

1. He has a thing about slow service.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of likecroatia.com

Anthony once said, “If it takes you more than 10 seconds to describe the wine I am about to drink, you’ve kind of ruined it for me.” There goes my 20% tip.

2. Goodfellas is his favorite film, and he’s bitter about not being Italian.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com

If I wasn’t Italian, I would be too TBH.

3. Bourdain’s dream job as a kid was to be a comic book artist.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of wallfrog.com

Wait, not someone who would eat fetal duck egg on live television?

4. He started out getting his hands dirty as a dishwasher and line cook.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of @anthonybourdain on Instagram

Everyone has to start somewhere.

5. He doesn’t eat on airplanes and brings home-cooked meals instead.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of @anthonybourdain on Instagram

Okay, but the real question is how does one make room in their carry-on for ribs? Have you seen the size of the overhead bins lately?

6. Despite his wild tastes, he prefers subtle dishes that aren’t “the size of your face.”

Anthony Bourdain

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I’m assuming this sentiment doesn’t pertain to pizza.

7. Bourdain, open about his substance abuse since Kitchen Confidential, admitted to selling his record collection for drug money.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of avclub.com

He’s learned from his mistakes, and that’s really all that matters.

8. During the Israel-Lebanon conflict in Beirut in 06′, the ‘No Reservations’ crew were filming, which lead to an Emmy-nominated episode of the events.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of emmys.com

This definitely proves Bourdain’s ‘no directors cut’ philosophy isn’t just talk.

9. If you played Billy Joel with Chef Bourdain around, you probably didn’t walk through those kitchen doors again.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of vulture.com

His kitchen, his playlist. Don’t worry “Piano Man” fans, Joel knows he hates his music, but they’re still buds.

10. Vegetarianism to him is an insult to developing countries, although he admits us Americans do eat an excessive amount of meat.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo by Becky Hughes

Soooo, what does he think of vegans, I wonder?

11. Finally, Bourdain admits he’s afraid of nurses’ shoes.

Anthony Bourdain

Photo courtesy of thenerdynurse.com

Beware of the Great White… clunky shoe.

Anthony Bourdain is the total gourmand package: fearless, down-to-earth, a little crazy, and not afraid to admit past mistakes. From author to host to eating noodles in Vietnam with POTUS, Bourdain is a guy with a lot more up his sleeve, which will lead to many other unknown facts about this unpredictable entertainer.