Don’t lie. You’ve snuck popcorn into the movies before. You’ve probably even snuck candy. And once, you even snuck a Ben and Jerry’s pint in. I feel you. I don’t particularly like spending $15 for popcorn and a soda either. You know you’re going to keep sneaking food into theaters. At least make it good and find the right snacks for your movie.

1. Suicide Squad (Aug. 5): Vegan Chocolate-Dipped Cookie Dough Bites


Photo by Daniela Childers

Pay homage to our new Joker, Jared Leto, an outspoken vegan, by indulging in these cookie dough bites. They are way better (and better for you) than the packaged kind.

2. Pete’s Dragon (Aug. 12): Chocolate Dragon Eggs


Photo by Arden Sarner

Alright, so these eggs take a bit of time. But how cool would it be to show up to a dragon movie with dragon eggs? I think it’s worth the time.

3. Sausage Party (Aug. 12): Cinnamon Sausage Rolls

Okay, so it’s a little sadistic to be eating sausage while watching a movie about sausages who have feelings. But if you have a somewhat twisted sense of humor, you should definitely be eating these cinnamon sausage rolls while you watch Seth Rogen’s newest comedy.

4. War Dogs (Aug. 19): Fritos Chili


Photo by George Farah

This movie is based on a Rolling Stone article about college stoners who became international arms dealers. Satisfy your own munchies with this Fritos chili, which sounds like any college stoners’ dream come true.

5. The Light Between Oceans (Sept. 2): Crab and Shrimp Rangoon


Photo by Ondrej Nemec

This movie is the story of a lighthouse keeper and his wife who struggle to care for a baby girl they found at sea. Yes, these snacks fit with the sea theme, but it also works because you’re going to need something deep fried and delicious to get through the ugly crying fits you’re going to have in the theater.

6. Sully (Sept. 9): Mini Cheesecakes


Photo by Sophie Clingan-Darack

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger became a household name when he saved all 155 passengers on his plane by landing on the Hudson River. Pay homage to Sully and New York with a dessert that New York is famous for.

7. Before I Wake (Sept. 9): Espresso Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins


Photo by Katherine Bernhardt

A young boy is taken in by loving parents, who are then tortured by his night terrors, which all come to life. You’re going to need a lot of caffeine because you’re never going to want to sleep again after seeing this movie, so give this espresso dark chocolate chip muffin a shot.

8. When the Bough Breaks (Sept. 9): Frozen Yogurt Banana Poppers


Photo by Abigail Wilkins

It seems right to use quintessential baby foods, yogurt and bananas, in your snack for this movie. Enjoy these banana poppers while you watch a surrogate mother try to destroy the family she was supposed to be helping create.

9. Snowden (Sept. 16): Baked Apple


Photo by Zoe Guttenplan

As far as we know right now, Edward Snowden is still living in an undisclosed location in Russia after he was granted temporary asylum for three years. It makes sense to have a traditional Russian dessert for this snack while you watch his story. Try this baked apple, which only takes five minutes to make.

10. Bridget Jones’s Baby (Sept. 16): Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, and Brie Grilled Cheese


Photo by Lucy Rubin

Bridget Jones, like so many of us, adores cheese and chocolate, and I think she would appreciate this grilled cheese above all others. Think chocolate and cheese don’t go together? Think again.

11. The Magnificent Seven (Sept. 23): Black Bean and Corn Chili


Photo by Kelda Baljon

Eat like the cowboys in the Old West with this black bean and corn chili recipe. It’s easy, it’s got a lot of flavor, and it’s also meat-free.