June is the month for all the rainbow instagram posts and luckily, food is one of the best ways to be colorful. As a food lover and instagram junkie, I will show you below the best rainbow recipes to make and post on instagram to show your support to the LGBTQ+ community.

1. Rainbow Pancakes

These rainbow pancakes are perfect for a LGBTQ+ pride themed brunch. They are vegan and can be made gluten-free if you use a gluten-free friendly flour

2. Rainbow Bagels

sweet, cake, cream, sprinkles, chocolate, pastry, cookie, candy, dessert
Max Bartick

A rainbow bagel is the perfect instragram worthy breakfast but they can be hard to find. Try baking your own colorful bagels and filling them up with your favorite dairy-free cream cheese spread

3. Rainbow Unicorn Sushi

These unicorn sushi rolls are very cute and fresh. They are filled with colorful vegetables and dyed with superfoods. However, if you're lazy you could buy colored sushi rice in a Japanese specialty store. 

4. DIY Sprinkles

candy, sweet, chocolate, cake, sprinkles
Torey Walsh

Who knew that you could make DIY sprinkles? I didn't. So if your grocery store ran out them, you could try making your own. Just know that you'll need a little bit of patience because they take 12 hours to set. 

5. Fairy Bread

This Australian classic is super easy to make, it is definitely the easiest rainbow recipe on the list. You only need three ingredients and five minutes. Super cute and delicious. 

6. Healthy Unicorn Toast 

Erin Voss

If you prefer healthy food, this toast is perfect for you. It is made with cashews: a nut that is good for your hair and skin. The colors come from superfoods: spirulina, açaí, turmeric and beetroot. 

7. Rainbow Cake

If you have more time on your hands (and A LOT of good quality food coloring) you could make a rainbow cake. I baked one myself years ago and it was a sweet delicious mess. 

8. Raw Rainbow Blueberry Açai Bowl

Another healthy option is this rainbow blueberry açaí bowl made with raw ingredients. Don't forget to take a look at these tips for the perfect açaí bowl to make sure you make the best one for your ig. 

9. Veggie Rainbow Skewers

This option is a good low calorie rainbow recipe. Veggie skewers are perfect for summer because you can make them in the grill. Get creative with your favorite veggies or use fruit instead. 

With this variety of sweet and savory rainbow recipes your instagram will be popping with color. Don't forget to tag #spoonfeed on your pictures and enjoy pride.