Finals are finally over and relaxation mode has begun. But after that initial week of home indulgences, late sleep-ins and laziness around the house, you and your body will be craving a fresh new routine to kick-start another adventurous and healthy summer.

Summer is a time to move outside your comfort zone and experience the beautiful weather. It’s easier said than done though, right? Especially when you’re scrolling through your Insta feed that’s filled with s’mores dip and cheese-dripping bagels. Well, this new routine doesn’t have to be filled with boring salads and trips to the gym. Instead, try out no-bake date and almond butter energy bites and mix up your workout with a hike or kayak.

Spoon Colby has you covered. We’ve found some health-inspired Instagram accounts to jumpstart your healthiest and most adventurous summer yet. Whether you’re scooping ice cream or volunteering abroad, these yummy recipes and creative workout ideas will spice up your feed and bring you into fall feeling rejuvenated.

1. @cahmun


Photo courtesy of @cahmun on Instagram

Calling all breakfast lovers! This account is filled with thousands of beautiful breakfast ideas that will last well into fall. Every morning, your Instagram feed will be blessed with a gorgeous plate that will have you feeling #breakfastenvy, maybe enough envy to get you cooking up something for yourself. Gluten-free blueberry protein pancakes and ezekiel bread topped with peaches and cashew butter are just the beginning.

2. @carrotsandcardio


Photo courtesy of @carrots_and_cardio on Instagram

This healthy vegan, avid runner, and travel lover will have you craving zoodles and beet hummus before you know it. Her colorful and easy recipes are perfect for summer cheffin’ in the kitchen. These plant-based recipes are filled with easily sourced ingredients and take little to no time to prepare.

3. @minimalistbaker


Photo courtesy of @minimalistbaker on Instagram

With all recipes that are ten ingredients or less, there’s no reason not to make these mostly vegan and gluten-free treats. The account is not just boring salads and kale chips, but also vegan banana cream pies and cheesy jalapeño corn dips. Her creative takes on American comfort food will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized rather that sluggish and lethargic.

4. @deliciouslyella


Photo courtesy of @deliciouslyella on Instagram

With a motto of “Live your life, Love your food, Love yourself,” @deliciouslyella is an account everyone should follow. After battling chronic pain her entire life, Ella made a life change, and devised a new healthy lifestyle that revitalized her. She has chosen to share her amazing food philosophies with the world. A published author with multiple nutrition degrees, her blog is incredibly user-friendly and informative, allowing you to look up recipes by dietary needs or ingredients.

5. @mynewroots


Photo courtesy of @mynewroots on Instagram

This holistic and nutritional woman is truly inspirational. Her philosophy is built on a health care system based on integrating the physical with the nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual to enhance the quality of life. It emphasizes personal responsibility and a cooperative relationship between practitioner and client. Working with both diet and lifestyle, she helps people return to a state of healthy balance and well-being.

#SpoonTip: Get her app for easy recipes that will spice up your summer menu!

6. @thecrunchyradish


Photo courtesy of @thecrunchyradish on Instagram

The Crunchy Radish is about inspiring home cooks of all skill levels to get into the kitchen and cook healthy food. Nutrition, wellness, and, above all, good tasting food have always been at the core of the Crunchy Radish. Seasonality and “clean eating” dominate her cooking ethos, and she strives to practice those beliefs in and out of the kitchen. Her website is also filled with yummy recipes that will make you excited to enjoy healthy food.

7. @ohsheglows


Photo courtesy of @ohsheglows on Instagram

This incredible woman has taken her struggles with eating disorders and written two cookbooks, a blog, and created an app sharing her nutritious plant-based recipes. Her recipes include delicious vegan nachos and creamy avocado dark chocolate mousse.  Her meals will have you “glowing” in no time. Check out her website and follow the Instagram to join the other 600 thousand people she inspires daily.

8. @feedyourglow


Photo courtesy of @feedyourglow on Instagram

Feed Your Glow is your guide to healthy living with simple recipes, skin tips and wellness advice to get your skin glowing and your body thriving so you can feel your very best. Sua’s personal struggles have catalyzed her innovative solutions in this healthy lifestyle guide she has created through FYG. Maca and Tumeric will become staples in your diet before you know it.

9. @izyhossak


Photo courtesy of @izyhossack on Instagram

This twenty-year-old Londoner thrives on drinking lattes, cycling, wearing her hair in messy buns or plaits, and eating cake batter straight from the bowl. She also has an amazing eye which translates into an Instagram with beautiful aesthetics. This accomplished young woman has even published a cookbook, Top it With Cinnamon (a must-buy). Her healthy dessert recipes like chocolate chai frozen yogurt are perfect from summer BBQs.

#SpoonTip: Her website also offers tips on taking food photos that will help you capture that perfect #healthylifestyle ‘gram.

10. @georgeats


Photo courtesy of @georgeats on Instagram

This Aussie will brighten up your feed with outrageously good looking food. Her recent posts include smoky black bean and lime nachos with brown rice and gluten-free salted espresso and blueberry brownies. YUM.

11. @simplycaraa


Photo courtesy of @simplycaraa on Instagram

A freshman at University of South Carolina and a Maine native, @simplycaraa has shared her vegan lifestyle with Instagram. Her colorful smoothies topped with granola and goodies look almost too yummy to eat.

#SpoonTip: Check out her almond butter and dark chocolate healthy take on Reese’s peanut butter cups for a great summer treat.