If you ask me what my favorite food is, the answer is always the same: ice cream. This was true for as long as I can remember. I lived in different places growing up, and I have different memories associated with each childhood ice cream treat.

Going to elementary school in California, every Wednesday was Ice Cream Day, which meant that we could get a popsicle, a vanilla cup or an ice cream sandwich after lunch. At my middle school in Connecticut, I remember getting a vanilla cone at Popey's Ice Cream Shoppe after winning away games with my volleyball team. And while I was in high school in New Hampshire, my friends and I went to Stillwells, the local ice cream store, way too many times, regardless of the weather.  

Now in college, I still like to explore new ice cream places, but my childhood ice cream treats remind me of all the good times I've had growing up. While there are so many to choose from, here are 11 childhood ice cream treats that will take you back to your childhood. 

1. Sundae Crunch Popsicles

I think mine was always brown and chocolate-flavored, but they also came in pink strawberry-flavored (probably better for the Insta these days). While sundae crunch popsicles weren't my favorite, everyone seemed to love them. 

2. Snow Cones

These were a must whenever I went to a fair or amusement park of some sort, no matter which state I was in at the time. Now, a little more grown-up, I can make my own at home. 

3. Fudgesicle Fudge Pops

You can never go wrong with a classic Fudgesicle. Fun fact: The Fudgsicle was actually introduced to 1946, but the first popsicle was accidentally invented by an 11-year-old in 1905. After he grew up, the boy (now a man) patented Popsicle® in 1923 and started sharing them with the world. Now that's a childhood memory. 

4. Popsicle® SpongeBob SquarePants™Bar

Growing up, my favorite cartoon character was SpongeBob. Tbh, I've never had this popsicle because I was scared to take a bite out of his happy face, but it really does take me back to my childhood. 

5. Freeze Pops

When I lived in California, my neighbor somehow always had freeze pops in the house. I mean, how can you resist? All you have to do is freeze 'em and squeeze 'em. 

6. Rocket Pops


Also known as bomb pops or firecracker pops, this red, white, and blue popsicle was a hit in our childhoods. So much so, we even found grown-up ways to enjoy these same flavors in red, white and blue shots. Confession: I still eat the popsicle. 

7. Push-up Popsicles

Anything push-up was good. But ones with characters on the cover? Enough said. Now you can make bougie-yogurt push pops, but there's still nothing like the original cardboard getting soggy in your hot hands. 

8. Itzakadoozie

Seriously, that's beauty right there. But true life — I don't think anyone called them by their name: Itzakadoozie. Can kids even say that? We called them swirl pops. 

9. Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches were probably one of my top three choices in the fourth grade. Funny enough, it seems like ice cream sandwiches are making a trendy comeback. But we all remember the OG. 

10. Hoodsie Cup

Half vanilla and half chocolate ice creams + a wooden spoon = happy child. A lot of times the lunch cafeteria would sell these on a hot day, and the lunch room would go silent for a minute while everyone quickly ate up their treats. 

11. Dippin' Dots

Last but not least, my favorite: Banana split Dippin' Dots. Dippin' Dots were first created in the late 80s, marketing themselves as the ice cream of the future. But if we're in the future now, is this really a throwback? Woah. 

If some of these childhood ice cream treats didn't put a smile on your face, then you have to go try one for yourself. Have some ice cream, and let the memories live on.