Sure, College Library lake views are nice. But you either have to search for a while or be lucky to get the spot you want. Not to worry, however, because UW-Madison is full of different study spots. Many of these options are close to classes, dorms and apartments, and have different perks. Be sure to find your go-to for this upcoming finals season. 

1. Grainger Hall/Business Library

Sarah Arora

Grainger Hall (aka the Wisconsin School of Business) is a place where anyone can come to get work done. The café area has tons of tables, comfortable chairs, and coffee of course! The Business Library opened recently and anyone is welcome to enter on the second floor. There are new desks, super cool group study rooms with glass walls, printing stations, and tons of resources for both business and non-business majors. 

2. Kohler Art Library

Sarah Arora

The Kohler Art Library is located in between the Mosse Humanities Building and the Chazen Museum of Art. It is a small library complete with desks, a computer area, and super comfy chairs. If you just want to be alone and get away from people for a while, sitting in a big, comfy chair in the stacks of Kohler is the way to go. 

3. Upper House

Located near Lucky Apartments and above Buffalo Wild Wings, Upper House is a "secret" spot on campus that not everyone utilizes. It is a friendly and super comfortable space open to all. Feel free to stop by during study hours and for fun finals week events. Be sure to check out Facebook for upcoming food and fun-filled study socials!

4. MERIT Library

MERIT Library is located on the 3rd floor of Teacher Education (located near Noland Zoology and Chemistry, and behind Educational Sciences). It's a good option for quiet group study or last-minute exam cramming.

#SpoonTip: MERIT tends to get a bit chilly in the winter, but a jacket and hot chocolate from Java Den (across the street) will help!

5. Mechanical Engineering Building

The Mechanical Engineering Building is not just for our genius engineering friends. The building has enough tables, chairs, and sunlight for a productive study session. Plus, there are sometimes cool projects on display if you need to walk around on your study break. It's also super close to Subway, Union South, and Lakeshore. 

6. School of Education

The School of Education is located right in the middle of Bascom Hill. If you get tired of walking up and have some time to kill before class, grab a coffee and a sandwich from the café, pull out your laptop, and enjoy a well-lit study spot with a view. 

7. Upper Gordon

Sarah Arora

Upper Gordon is a cozy and quiet spot. It is perfect on those nights where you have to study and eat dinner at the same time. There are tons of tables for individual and group study, comfortable couches, and a fireplace. Plus, Daily Scoop is just a flight of stairs down.

8. School of Human Ecology

The School of Human Ecology (aka Nancy Nicholas Hall) is where creativity is everything. They may only have six majors, but they have countless fun and unique study spaces for anyone to enjoy, along with a café with a wide array of soups, sandwiches, and coffee beverages. As weird as this sounds, be sure to check out the bathrooms too. 

9. Microbial Sciences Building

We all know of that one random class that happens to be on Lakeshore... If you'd like to enjoy the quiet part of campus for a longer period of time, check out Microbial Sciences. It's a well-lit and comfortable place that even has a café for all your coffee and snacking needs. 

10. Wisconsin Historical Society

Hogwarts. Enough said. The Wisconsin Historical Society has a huge library complete with long tables, outlets, green lamps at every table, study rooms, beautifully-decorated walls and ceilings, and many other cool features. Be sure to eat before you go, though! No food allowed because this place has to stay absolutely perfect and upscale at all times. 

11. Law Library

I especially enjoy coming to the Law Library on Saturday and Sunday mornings because it opens at 9:00 a.m. (two hours before College Library...jussayin'). It has a variety of quiet study spaces, huge windows, and it is a really great option when you have to take any sort of practice exam. 

12. Memorial Library 'Cages'

Ah, the infamous 'cages' of Memorial Library. You can find these 1-person study carrels in the stacks of a few differnent floors of Memorial Library. There are drawers to put your phone in, outlets, and zero distractions. They are perfect for when you need to lock yourself up and study for that one class that none of your friends are in. 

13. Ebling Library 

Ebling Library for the Health Sciences is located in the Health Sciences Learning Center, which is connected to UW Hospital and Clinics and the medical school. It may seem a bit far for undergrads, but the new and unique views are totally worth the 80 ride. 

14. Java Den

Java Den is a sweet little coffee shop that is located inside Grand Central apartments. It is open to the public and is located right in the heart of Johnson Street, close to the Chemistry Building, Union South, Southeast dorms, and more. Their heart-warming drinks will satisfy you during any time of the year. 

#SpoonTip: If you like coffee shop settings, check out some more options here. 

15. Engineering Hall

For our non-engineering friends, it can be way more than just a place where you have that one random exam. Engineering Hall is a bustling place with tons of study space, a Badger Market, and a bunch of other hidden gems. Find the comfy chair of your choice, try not to fall asleep, and get that essay that's due at midnight out of the way. 

16. Memorial Union

Memorial Union is full of different study spots, from the large room facing the terrace, to Peet's Coffee located at an entrance, to spots with live bands at the Rathskeller, and to the quieter spots in the library upstairs. Of course, you should study wherever you can find a spot because it can get pretty crazy here, but be sure to come early and with friends. It's also the most convenient spot to go if you're totally sick of College Library and need to recharge. 

17. Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

The WID is probably one of my favorite places on campus. It is a sunny and open place that makes you proud to be a Badger. It is home to some of the coolest research labs and events on campus, but it's also wonderful for lunch or coffee, studying, and IG photo sessions. 

Go beyond the traditional library setting and make your study session all about you. You're doing all the work anyways, right? You deserve something new and exciting. So go out and do a little exploring, and as always, study hard, Badgers.