Finding that perfect study spot can be a difficult task. At UW-Madison, you'd have to test out every library, school building, and coffee shop to find the place you really love. Lucky for you, below is a list of coffee shops compiled by the opinions of myself and several other students that will help lead you in the right direction.

1. Fair Trade Coffee House

One coffee shop I really want to emphasize, despite its location farther up State St., is Fair Trade Coffee House. Rain or shine, their fair-trade certified coffee (obviously) and extensive study space are definitely worth a short walk towards the Capitol. Also, nothing can beat their vegan zucchini bread. 

2. Michaelangelo's Coffee House

Located just off of Capitol Square, Michaelangelo's Coffee House has an array of seating as well as artwork lining their walls. Choose from their long menu of breakfast and lunch foods, and top it off with a coffee and a house-made sweet. If it's warm enough, feel free to enjoy your studying outside on the patio.

3. Aldo's Cafe

For a sunlit, atmospheric setting, head to the Aldo's Cafe, which is in the more central side of campus inside the Discovery Building. They have lots of healthy options food-wise such as their Quinoa Bowl or Steel-Cut Oatmeal. As a bonus, they also accept Red Card. If you happen to hit the daily lunchtime rush, take your food anywhere else in the building's high-ceiling study space.

4. Colectivo Coffee

You most likely already know about this one, but this list wouldn't be complete without Colectivo. This Milwaukee-based chain never fails to motivate me into getting work done with its communal atmosphere and an irresistible hummus wrap. One of its three Madison locations (583 State St.) has an outside patio for the sunny months and an upstairs seating area for the rest of the year.

5. Starbucks

It's no surprise that any Starbucks is quick and convenient for college students, but this newly-renovated location isn't like the rest. It has a second floor with indoor and outdoor sitting space, and walls lined with colorful and quirky artwork (pictured above). I would always recommend their Iced Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion for those wanting to stray from coffee.

6. Espresso Royale

This cozy abode is definitely one of my favorites in Madison. Both of Espresso Royale's State Street locations offer doable prices, chairs, stools, and sofas for seating, and plenty of food options. Their seasonal specials are always amazing, so make sure to stop by while they're still here!

7. Indie Coffee

The aesthetic of Indie Coffee is guaranteed to put you in a good mood just by walking inside. For the warmer months, their back patio is peaceful enough to sit back and read a textbook. Order a salad, a sandwich, or, if you're smart, one of their notable waffles. 

8. Valentia

Valentia is the first shop on this list that can actually be considered "on-campus", making it perfectly convenient if you're going to or coming from class. It may be trendy with its Avocado Toast and lavender-infused coffee, but the recently opened cafe is far from overrated.

9. Barriques

Having 4 Madison locations, Barriques definitely can't go unmentioned. This half-wine, half-coffee shop stands out to me as a top contender for the best coffee-shop here on campus, with the closest one being near Camp Randall on Monroe St.. They have a variety of food options including market bowls and grilled cheeses, which look and taste spot-on every time.

It might feel like Madison has endless study spots and coffee shops to choose from, but this list can help you narrow down those options. Luckily, Memorial and College Libraries aren't your only options if you really want to get work done.