It's 2018. That means we're all becoming "new and better" versions of ourselves. According to NBC's report on data pulled from Google by iQuanti, the most popular New Year's resolution is to "get healthy" (shocker). Instead of binging kale, water, and air, Halo Top makes it easier to eat healthy while not being miserable. The company sells a delicious take on traditional ice cream, except the entire pint is around only 300 calories. Yup, pint.

The avid Halo Top eaters are probably reading right now saying, "No s*#t, I've been eating healthy with Halo Top for months now." But, what if Halo Top released new flavors this year? Both the newcomers and the seasoned Halo eaters would have new pints to play with. It's a win-win. Here are the flavors I would LOVE to see released in 2018.

1. Orange Creamsicle

If your mouth isn't watering just looking at this picture, you should probably get your tastebuds checked. The classic combination of orange and cream never fails. If Halo Top made an Orange Creamsicle flavor, we could all basically eat this picture and still fit into our swimsuits for Spring Break.

2. Dr. Pepper

From 2017 to 2018, Dr. Pepper is still delish. If Halo Top pulled some Jelly Belly moves and flavored their product with Dr. Pepper, the people who have two of the most intense guilty pleasures—soda and ice cream—would be very pleased.

3. Apple Pie (A La Mode)

I'm sorry, but no dessert, not even your grandma's iced-whatever-cake with fruit, can beat apple pie a la mode. Even with New Year's resolutions, who can deny a slice of apple pie? The fruitiness of the apples with the creaminess of the ice cream could easily be combined into one, healthier, Halo Top treat.

4. Candy Hearts

With Valentine's Day approaching (blah), the over abundance of mushy-gushy couples and candy hearts will be sickening. If Halo Top made a candy hearts flavor, couples could switch up the boring boxed candy routine. And hey...if you're single, what better companion on Valentine's Day than a whole pint of Halo to yourself?

5. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

coffee, espresso, cappuccino, mocha, cereal, relish, decaffeinated coffee

It honestly surprises me that Halo Top doesn't already have an espresso flavor. The coffee ice cream craze is real. If they could combine not only coffee, but also chocolate, the land of Halo Top would be a more caffeinated and content place.

6. Fruity Pebbles

By now, you've probably noticed the current trendiness of cereal and milk-flavored things. Both Kith Treats and Momofuku in NYC, and even Oreo have popular items that involve this combination. If Halo Top made a Fruity Pebbles flavor, they could hop on the chic cereal treats train and please a lot of people that want to experience this food trend through more than just their Insta feed.

7. Banana Walnut Bread

sweet, chocolate, bread, cake
Helena Lin

Don't you hate it when people try to be funny and are like, "Banana bread is healthy right? It's bananas." Like, not exactly, Susan. But, if Halo Top made a version of this treat, it would make Susan and everyone else happy who just want to feel healthy while eating banana bread.

8. Vanilla and Sprinkles In a Cone

OK, think about it. Have you EVER scooped Halo Top out of the pint to put it nicely into a cone and add some sprinkles? No. You open the pint and begin to devour it immediately. Unfortunately, though, you miss out on the delicious simplicity of ice cream in a cone. If Halo Top made a vanilla flavor with built-in cone pieces and sprinkles, I think our lives would forever be changed.

9. Blue Raspberry

Don't trust anyone who doesn't like the Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher the best. Please, in middle school, the coolest kids would have blue tongues from eating blue raspberry-flavored treats. Halo Top should bring that back and create the blue raspberry treat that the calorie-conscious college student version of yourself can enjoy. 

10. Chocolate Brownie Chunk

Danielle Chen

Baking brownies is a great pastime. However, being in college, it is hard to find time to bake, let alone a clean kitchen. Nevertheless, the cravings for all things chocolate and brownie do not leave us alone. To fix the worldwide epidemic of college students craving brownies, Halo Top should create a chocolate brownie chunk flavor. 

11. Mojito

mint, juice, herb
Julia Murphy

Can you imagine if Halo Top got a little frisky and created an "adult" flavor? What I would do to sit outside on a porch like the one pictured here, eating a tub of fresh Mojito Halo Top. A lot, let me tell you.

This year will be full of many things. Hopefully, these things will include eating copious amounts of ice cream, while also living a healthy, fresh and fit life. And if 2018 could be full of some of these new Halo Top flavors, it would already be better than 2017. Easily.