Granola goes so well with yogurt that without it there feels like something’s missing. The crunchy, healthi-fied version of cereal is truly the savior to making every food taste better. But it doesn’t always have to be used in a yogurt parfait or alongside milk. If you’re a true fan of this beautiful crunchiness, read on to discover creative granola hacks to give your morning a twist.

1. Add it to your oatmeal


Photo by Megan McNitt

You can boost your breakfast energy by adding granola to your oatmeal. No longer does your oatmeal always have to be the boring brown sugar-and-banana topped breakfast, but now a crunchy and satisfying one.

2. Recreate your favorite snack by making granola bars


Photo courtesy of @sofiavonporat on Instagram

Granola bars are a great alternative for your sweet tooth cravings. As tasty as gummy bears, nutella, and chips are, this banana peanut butter granola bar and peanut butter chocolate chip combination will have your day going in no time.

3. Make banana granola bowls


Photo courtesy of @myblueteacup on Instagram

You’ve definitely heard of hashbrown cups. So why not make granola cups? This amazing creation can either work as a quick grab-and-go breakfast with yogurt and berries or a nice little dessert (perhaps with nutella, our savior?).

4. Spice up morning pancakes


Photo by Jayna Goldstein

Don’t you get tired of the same pancake, butter, and maple syrup combo? If you’re feeling creative, dare to follow this recipe, and add some granola, strawberry, and banana to your pancakes.

5. Whip up a greek yogurt parfait popsicle


Photo courtesy of @yvonne_deliciously_vegan on Instagram

On a hot summer day, a greek yogurt parfait doesn’t have to be the only choice. FREEZE ‘EM UP. With these greek yogurt parfait popsicles, you can have your daily dose of ice cream without having to feel bad about all the sugar and calories.

6. DIY Granola


Photo courtesy of @thewholefooddiary on Instagram

Although you can find a million different types of granola at every single market, you don’t have to spend your money buying them. Instead, you can spend your money on MAKING them, adjusting the flavor as you like, and maybe making it a bit healthier. But if your sweet tooth is out of control today, try out this nutella banana granola recipe.

7. Did someone say vegan granola?


Photo by Isabel Wang

Even if you’re vegan, don’t sweat about having granola. This vegan gingerbread granola will have you eating the entire serving in no time.

8. Spice up your açaí bowl


Photo courtesy of @sabrinasjourney on Instagram

An açaí bowl can’t be an açaí bowl without the crunchiness of granola. Top your açaí bowl off with a handful of granola, and you’ll have an amazing breakfast.

9. Give a twist to your cookies


Photo courtesy of @earthmama2four on Instagram

The dream of having dessert for breakfast has come true. This snack isn’t only sweet, but it’s also relatively healthy, filling, and tasty. This vegan banana bread cookie will suit everyone’s appetite.

10. Make muffins


Photo by Katherine Baker

A huge fan of banana muffins? Well, here’s how you can change up your banana whatevers. These banana muffins are made entirely out of oats, and have an amazing peanut butter crumb topping to accompany them. Even better, one easy blender is all you need for this recipe.

11. Toss it around in cookie balls


Photo courtesy of @raisedonramen on Instagram

You ask: what the heck are cookie balls? I answer: they are amazing little creations that fill you up, give you your daily dose of sweetness, and can help you get one step closer to your bikini bod. By using granola, you can easily whip up chocolate chip cookie balls (if you’re tired of flat cookies) or almond butter protein balls (for after your workouts or as a simple snack).