We all get homesick at times. Sure, college is all fun and games, but what I miss most about being home is the home-cooked food. More specifically, my mother's Filipino food. Although not as widespread as other cuisines, Filipino food is on the rise. Sure, the fusion stuff is great, but here's a definitive list of 11 Filipino foods you must try before you die. Seriously, this type of cuisine is heavenly. 

1. Ensaymada 

Bread, cheese and butter. Is there anything else you need? This sweet bread is typically eaten with coffee for breakfast, but honestly you can eat it at any time of the day because it's just that tasty. I enjoy a classic bun, but Ensaymada Project in L.A. features various flavors like salted caramel and red velvet that once in awhile, I indulge in. 

2. Adobo

Meat marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and sugar doesn't sound appealing, but adobo is one of the most popular Filipino dishes, and for good reason. Cooked until it's tender and falling off the bone, chicken adobo with a side of rice and a hard-boiled egg is a hearty, balanced dinner that's also super easy to make.

3. Lumpia Shanghai 

At any Filipino gathering, you'll see a ton of people crowded around a tray of lumpia shanghai, our version of egg rolls. Originally from China, Filipinos adopted the recipe by making lumpia thinner than the traditional egg roll and serving with a sweet and sour dipping sauce

4. Turon

What I consider a sweet lumpia shanghai, turon are plantains and jackfruit wrapped in spring roll wrapper and fried. Topped with a sweet caramel sauce, this warm dessert is served best right out of the fryer, but you can catch me stuffing some in my bag for a snack later.

5. Sinigang

An acquired taste, sinigang is a sour tamarind soup that might take some getting used to, but it is so comforting once you do. This warm stew is great to clear your sinuses when you're sick or if the weather got you down.

6. Pancit Canton

Whenever there's a special occasion, my aunt is deployed to cook up her special pancit canton, a noodle dish reserved for celebrations. From beef, shrimp, carrots or snap peas, you can customize your noodles as you please, but you've got to make sure to add the signature oyster sauce for the authentic taste.

7. Filipino Spaghetti 

Italian spaghetti is great, but Filipino-style spaghetti is where it's at. Slightly sweet from the use of banana ketchup instead of boring old tomato sauce, then topped with hot dogs and cheese, Filipino spaghetti tastes more decadent and comforting. Once you try it, you can never go back to regular noodz.

8. Empanada

Borrowing from the Spanish, empanadas are a handheld snack or side perfect for every party. A flaky crust and seasoned fillings are essentials for a good empanada. As an added bonus, they're super easy to make, so stuff them with whatever your heart desires. 

9. Chicken Inasal

The best chicken I ate was at a food court in Cabanatuan, where my parents are from, and I dream about that chicken inasal. It's a grilled chicken quarter, marinated in vinegar and lime, and eaten with rice, calamansi and chili peppers. Did I mention that it's served on a stick, which immediately makes it taste 10x better than it already does?

10. Sisig

Originally conceived as a hangover food, sisig has since become a dish that you can enjoy sober or otherwise. It's a medley of strong flavors like pork, onion, garlic and lemon served on a hot plate and topped with an egg. Whenever you order sisig at a restaurant, your table immediately becomes the object of everyone's desire. The scent of all those flavors drifting throughout the room is mouthwatering, trust me.

#SpoonTip: Don't have time to sit at a restaurant and wait for that hot plate? Check out Señor Sisig, a Filipino fusion food truck based in San Francisco, which has sisig burritos, tacos and fries. 

11. Halo Halo

My fellow Filipinos reading this article already knew what I had to save for last: halo halo, the pride and joy of everyone of my kaibigans. Shaved iced, evaporated milk, leche flan, gulaman, sweet beans, and ube and cheese ice cream come together in this hodgepodge of a dessert. It doesn't sound like it'll taste good, but once you get out of your comfort zone and give it a try, you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised (and ready for seconds).

As you can probably tell from this article, Filipinos are very passionate about food and about sharing our love of food with others. I hope you discovered a new dish you want to try or are reminded of your family's traditions. So go out there and eat some tasty food.