When given the choice between cake and pie, I'd most definitely end up choosing cake. I've never been crazy about the texture of pie (unless we're talking pizza) and really, I just prefer desserts with more chocolatey options. Although, I'll admit whoever came up with the idea for pie à la mode knows what's up, because ice cream

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Josi Miller

Pie isn't the only dessert that ice cream complements well, either. Read on to see if one of your fave desserts is typically eaten à la mode, and even if it isn't, who's stopping you from adding some ice cream on the side?

1. Brownie

chocolate, brownie, fudge, chocolate cake
Abigail Shipps

In my opinion, nothing beats a warm, gooey brownie right out of the oven. And eating a spoonful with a tiny bit of vanilla ice cream? Heaven.

2. Chocolate Lava Cake

chocolate, brownie, cream, fudge, cake
Maria Sison

Do you love ice cream sundaes drowned in hot fudge? Because I know I do. It's probably why I consider chocolate lava cake, with it's melt-in-your-mouth center, one of my fave desserts (paired with ice cream, obvs).

3. Pound Cake

Lindsey Jay

Interestingly enough, pound cake gets its name from being made with a pound of each of its four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. The question is, would you serve pound cake à la mode with a pound of ice cream?

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Scott Harrington

Honestly, there are so many ways to pimp your chocolate chip cookies nowadays. But the best kind to eat à la mode? Chocolate chip cookies baked in a skillet.

5. Bananas Foster

Grace Lee

Fun fact: Bananas Foster is made to be eaten à la mode. Just cook butter, brown sugar, and bananas together, and drizzle with a cinnamon-rum sauce. (You know how to finish it off.)

6. Fried Banana

Vicky Nguyen

Fried desserts, anyone? Fried banana is just one of many fried desserts that pairs well with vanilla ice cream, thanks to its crispy coat. 

7. Apple Crumble

Arielle Gordon

Apple pie may be considered the epitome of apple desserts, but apple crumble comes in at a close second. This dessert has a much crunchier texture than pie and is easier to eat by the spoonful, making it all the better to eat when served à la mode.

8. Cherry Cobbler

Haley Goldsmith

Cobblers are super popular desserts in the summer time, incorporating in-season fruits like cherries and peaches. Ice cream just happens to be most popular during the summer time as well, so of course you can find cherry cobbler served à la mode wherever the dessert is offered.

9. Blondie

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Francesca Rinaldo

Not super into chocolate, but obsessed with the fudgy texture of brownies? Blondies are a well-known brownie substitute, and eating them à la mode is pretty darn good, too.

10. Bread Pudding

caramel, caramel apple, pudding
Alison Mally

Carb lovers unite! Bread pudding is essentially the bread-based dessert of your dreams. (I know it is for me.) Adding ice cream to it only makes the dream come true that much sweeter.

11. Funnel Cake

Kathryn Stouffer

Funnel cake may already be covered in powdered sugar, but that doesn't mean you can't add a little something extra. Vanilla ice cream is only a fair choice. (Yes, I had to include a fair pun.)

No doubt, there are plenty of desserts you can eat à la mode if you aren't the biggest fan of pie. Whether it be more fruity or chocolatey is up to you, but for what it's worth, I know I have a hard time resisting chocolate lava cake.