There are giant fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King, and then there are regional chains that are much more catered to regional tastes. It’s pretty much undeniable that Boston has amazing food, so it only makes sense that these Boston-based chains are places that true Bostonians love and that the rest of America should be 100% jealous of.

1. Boloco


Photo courtesy of @bolocogram on Instagram

Boloco, or “Boston local company,” is a globally-inspired Boston burrito chain that focuses on quality, sustainable ingredients. They feature antibiotic-free chicken and grassfed steak, and has seasonal salads, smoothies, and milkshakes to go along with their unique burrito combinations. There’s nothing like it in the country.

2. Thinking Cup


Photo courtesy of @cabell_tice on Instagram

Boston has no shortage of coffee shops, but Thinking Cup is undoubtedly one of the most popular. With their artsy lattes and rich hot chocolate, it’s the epitome of a perfectly cozy coffee shop that the rest of the US is missing out on.

3. J.P. Licks


Photo courtesy of @twentyandhungry on Instagram

JP Licks was started right here in Jamaica Plain and is a beloved Boston favorite. The flavors are rich and intense; the menu changes every month and also includes dairy free, vegan, and gluten free options.

4. Regina Pizzeria


Photo courtesy of @jc.creative on Instagram

Dubbed the “best pizza in Boston since 1926,” Regina’s is authentically Italian and undoubtedly delicious.

5. Flour Bakery


Photo courtesy of @feedmeboston on Instagram

Joanne Chang is a Boston legend, and though her Flour Bakery chain is expanding, it hasn’t reached outside of Massachusetts yet. Which is unfortunate, because the sticky buns are life changing.

6. Mike’s Pastry


Photo courtesy of @kweis6 on Instagram

This is the number one spot tourists always hit up when they come to the North End (Boston’s Little Italy). Because where else can you get ricotta filled pastries studded with things like chocolate chips or slivered almonds?

7. The Paramount


Photo courtesy of @eastcoastfeastcoast on Instagram

Brunch is a religion, and Paramount does brunch 100% right. The lines outside their locations are infamously long… which just means that they should expand, right?

8. Tasty Burger


Photo courtesy of @get_hangry on Instagram

Who needs In-n-Out when you have Tasty Burger? They’re open until 2 am for all your late night drunchies and trust me — their burgers and fries are far better than any other burger chain out there.

9. Bon Me


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It’s like the Asian version of Chipotle, but so much better (and so much healthier). You choose the base (salad, sandwich, rice bowl, or noodle bowl), the meats, and any other toppings you want.

10. Mei Mei Street Kitchen


Photo by Victoria Romulo

Ok, not technically a chain, but who cares? Mei Mei‘s double awesome is something that the rest of the country should experience. Yolk porn meets Chinese food, here we go.

11. Anna’s Taqueria


Photo by Dyan Khor

No Boston list would be complete without Anna’s. It’s far better than any Mexican food chain out there (sorry Chipotle and Qdoba lovers), and is far more authentic.