We’re gonna be straight up and tell you this was one of the hardest articles we’ve had to write. #SpoonFeed has become debatably the best hashtag on Instagram for food porn so when we had to come up with the ten best for all of September, we were at a loss. So we picked eleven and hated ourselves for not being able to include all million of the ones we loved. Congrats to the top eleven but just know you’re all winners in our eyes. Remember to follow us on Instagram and keep tagging #SpoonFeed!

Everything you could possibly need to sufficiently celebrate National Taco Day. Didn’t get enough on Saturday? Try this recipe for chipotle sweet potato tacos.

Remember when this sandwich set the status quo for acceptable bacon portions?

It’s the simple things in life.

Kosher Kaufman steals our heart every week.

You know, just a balanced meal.

Doesn’t this oatmeal look like it belongs in a magazine? Here’s 5 ways to amp up your oatmeal so it has a better chance of looking like this.

God Bless the soul who invented the s’more…and then made it into a waffle.

If you’re ever wondering how to make food look straight up gorgeous, visit this account. These girls kill it every time.

Nothing beats a homemade cake, especially when it’s three layers of pink.

We have mad respect for all y’all out there that make an effort to use fresh herbs. Wish you knew more about fresh herbs and how to grow them? Here’s your guide to eating, growing and cooking with herbs.

We have a love-hate relationship with this baby. Love because it’s just so damn adorable. Hate because he gets to eat wayyy better than us.

Well, folks, that’s a wrap on September. It’s finally time to say goodbye to those foods you’ve been eating to convince yourself it’s still summer. Keep your chins up, though. Fall has a lot of goodies in store. Make sure you’re up-to-date on everything Spoon by checking our website for new stuff, and following us on Instagram to see what we’re eating…and we’re always eating.