I personally love vegetables. However, I used to not appreciate them as much and I understand that they can be a struggle for some people, so I’m here to help.

Vegetables are amazing and have many vitamins and antioxidants, helping you feel healthy as well as preventing diseases.

Also, vegetables typically need to be washed, which can turn people away to something more convenient. Therefore, my first tip is to prepare some washed vegetables during your downtime so that they’re ready-to-go when you’re on-the-go.

Lettuce begin!



Photo by Grace Ling

You won’t even be able to taste the vegetables when you blend them up in a smoothie. Spinach and kale are great additions, but almost any raw vegetable (like celery) also work well.

I like spinach and kale because they are easily compressible so you can put a lot and feel super healthy. You get a nice green color that just makes you just want to photosynthesize. Here are some smoothie and food art inspirations.



Photo by Katherine Baker

If you prefer something savory, then try soup. Most vegetables are naturally salty (plus full of flavor), so there is no need to add that much seasoning. I like to throw in carrots, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, or seaweed to my bowl- the delightful combinations are endless. If you’re unsure of where to start, try out with this vegetable rice soup.



Photo by Haley Greco

Yes, veggies and dessert can go in the same sentence. Chop them finely (or put them in the blender) to add to baked goods such as bread, pasta, and cakes. Here are some fun recipes to try.



Photo by Miranda Reilly

If you haven’t tried the “zoodle” trend yet, now’s the time. Grab a peeler to transform zucchini, or other veggies such as carrots or cucumbers into noodles. Zucchini linguini is a great place to start.

Pasta Sauce


Photo by Rachel Piorko

Whether a homemade sauce to top your pasta or a dip to dunk your pita, sneaking vegetables into your go-to recipe is an easy way to boost the flavor and the nutritional value of your meal. Get started with this garlic pesto sauce.

Add Peanut Butter or Hummus


Photo by Keni Lin

For the vegetable-shy, tasty dips go a long way to help mask the taste of vegetables if you are not a fan. They also provide even more wonderful fiber that’s good for your digestive system, keeping you fuller for longer. Remember the “ants on a log” (celery, peanut butter, and raisin) snack from preschool? 

Cauliflower Rice


Gif by Paige Marie Rodgers

Whether stir-fried or burrito-bowled, riced cauliflower is a perfect substitute for nearly any rice dish. Learn how to prepare cauliflower to have the same consistency and similar taste to rice in just eight minutes.



Photo by Kristine Mahan

Rather than using a tortilla wrap, why not aim for something healthier like lettuce? With a satisfying and flavorful filling, you won’t miss your regular corn shell. Check out these butter lettuce tacos to get started.



Photo by Rachel Piorko

Ditch the white on white on white. You can add vegetables in your sandwich, or use them in place of bread for your sandwiches, similar to the wrap. Here are some ideas.



Photo by Alex Tom

Try out kale chips, carrot fries, or even make your own healthy potato chips/fries- the options are endless when it comes to how you can sneak veggies into your daily eats.

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