Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you want to make this year special (mostly because you forgot last year). Here are 10 gifts to give your S.O. that will mean a lot more to them than a box of chocolates you randomly grabbed off the shelf in a rush. 

For a Foodie

Try out a cooking class. It is a fun activity the two of you can do together and your SO will appreciate learning new techniques in the kitchen while also enjoying some quality time with you.  

For an Athlete

Get a fun sports mug with a hoop! This way your S.O. can enjoy their hot chocolate while playing games with the marshmallows and cuddling up next to you too. 

For a Health Nut

Try a Fitbit so your S.O. can track their active lifestyle. Get yourself one too so you can have competitions to see who can get the most steps a day!

For a Tech Geek

Try an eWriter, like a boogie board. Your S.O. can take this lightweight tablet on the go to take notes (and make grocery lists) that automatically save to an app on their phone. 

For a Spicy Food Lover

Try a Siracha 2 Go. Your S.O. will appreciate the ability to take this spicy delicacy on the go much more than the mini pack of M&Ms you originally planned on getting. 

For a Person Whose Phone is Always Dead

Try a portable charger. These come in all shapes and sizes, from poop emojis to unicorns to plain old black. Make sure your S.O. doesn't have an excuse to not text you back because their phone was dead yet again. 

For an Artist

Try a food-themed adult coloring book and a nice set of colored pencils or markers. Your S.O. can have something new to procrastinate work with, something we can all be thankful for. 

For a Person Who Loves to Sleep (After a Big Meal)

Try a boyfriend pillow. That way your S.O. can still enjoy the comfort of being cuddled even if you aren't there.

For a Book-Lover

Try a fun foodie bookmark, like this gingerbread man. Your S.O. will appreciate the fact that you got them a thoughtful gift while also admiring the cuteness of the bookmark itself. 

If Your S.O. Doesn't Fit into a Box

Try a subscription box. There is a type of box for everyone out there. From wine lovers to Harry Potter fanatics to sports aficionados, you can send your S.O. a monthly reminder of your love with gifts that they will totally appreciate.