Subscription boxes are so underrated. It's an easy, yet personalized gift. Just pick the subscription plan that fits best with the person's personality that you are giving the gift to!

Curated subscription boxes can be enjoyable for all. Who knows, maybe you will find their new monthly addiction!

Here is a gift guide with a few various types of gift subscriptions you can give to your friend or family relative.

Inspiring Chefs/Chef Wannabes

Blue Apron - $

If you can't cook like a pro and wear a blue apron, might as well order from chefs who can. 

Home Chef - $$

As college students, we are always on a time constraint. These prepped 30 minutes meals will come in clutch to cooking fast meals.

Plated - $$

By getting plated, you are staying up-to-date with the seasonal food trends. 

International Snack Lovers

Japan Crate - $

Okay, I admit it. Japanese products have some of the cutest packaging and products. Experience the Japanese culture with this box of snacks!

EasianMall Snack Box - $

This is the closest thing I can get to eating Asian products all the way from Asia. If I can't fly to Asia anytime soon, might as well order a box that can be brought to my doorstep. 

Alcoholic Drink Lovers

Flaviar - $

A box of alcohol- what more can you ask for? And it's from around the globe!! #winning

Winc - $$

Cheers to those who like fine wine while dining. You know what they say- a glass of wine a day keeps the doctors away. Wine not order this box for your friends or family? 

Craft Beer Club - $$ 

Beer in mind that this box has 12 world-class beers selected from small-production, independent brewers who use traditional brewing ingredients and time-honored methods. Authentic, no? 


Graze - $

Snacking is considered a meal, right? Also, they are perfectly proportioned controlled snack packs to avoid binge-eating.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box - $    

This is perfect for your vegan friends and family. Each month, Vegan Cuts Snack Box ships at least 10 vegan snacks and treats for them to indulge in. 

Love with Food Tasting Box - $ 

Snaccidents happen. At least you can have a snaccident eating junk-free snacks. Plus you can help fight childhood hunger by joining their Snack Smart, Do Good campaign. Yay for good causes! A double win by helping out a good cause and eating healthy and yummy snacks.

Sweet Tooth Lover's

Treatsie - $ 

This is the epitome of #TreatYo'Self. You can discover amazing sweets from the best artisans sweets from ever-changing confectioners all over the country. 

Candy Club - $

Basically giving someone the candy store experience in a box. Each box has three unique treats with sprinkled candy in the box that's like the Styrofoam peanuts surrounding a package. Need I say more? 

Unique Subscriber

Hamptons Lane - $$

Master your chef skills and bring out your inner Rachael Ray. The subscriber receives artisan ingredients and handy kitchen tools. 

RawSpiceBar - $

Add some spice into someone's life with fresh spices that are blended by top chefs from around the world.

Bark Box - $$

Don't forget about your furry friends! They deserve some loving with treats and toys this holiday season too.

I'm sure you will be able to find a subscription box your friends and family will love. The contents in the box look like they don't disappoint. Make shopping for the holidays easier this year with personalized subscription boxes.