My freshman year of University is coming to an end. So many little things made this year an unforgettable one as a freshman at uOttawa. Here are some of the many things freshmen from the University of Ottawa can all relate to or agree that they have experienced. 

1. Survived 101 week

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Claudia Searle

Day drinking, Shinerama, faculty chants, late nights out and making new friends is all part of 101 week. To finalize this exhausting week, how could anyone forget Camp Fortune and the flying condoms from frosh leaders?

2. Sang O'Canada on the 8

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Claudia Searle

There's nothing more Canadian than singing O'Canada at the top of your lungs (bilingual version) on your way to Gatineau for a night out drinking with friends. Every freshman has taken the 8 to head over to Gat. #JustFreshmanThings

3. Made it to Le Pub in Gat

Claudia Searle

What is freshman year without a visit to Le Pub in Gatineau? This is the place to be in first year. I can guarantee you will see several people from school. Some might even dare walking back to Ontario to make it back to campus. 

#SpoonTip: Do not walk back to campus in -18 degree weather. You may regret this as your face freezes and you no longer feel your toes. 

4. Attended the Panda Game 

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Claudia Searle

Jello shots, keggers, 10am shot gunning, beer bongs, and a bus ride of rowdy uOttawa students is what the annual Panda game is all about. (Oh, and the football game of course!) The Panda game is a yearly tradition and one day we hope to get the W. We all chant, '' I'd rather be an asshole than to go to Carleton U'' on the bleachers of TD place. 

5. Made best friends for life

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Claudia Searle

First year is all about meeting new people and making new friends. During my first year of university, I met people that I hope to keep around for a very long time. I am extremely thankful for the friends I made this year and couldn't imagine university without them. 

6. Froze during the winter

Claudia Searle

Ottawa is a f**cking cold city! I had to buy myself an extra warm parka for the -25 degree weather, but some days the parka didn't even do the job. You have to bundle up in scarves and long underwear to successfully make it to class without freezing. 

7. Visited Parliament Hill

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Claudia Searle

Welcome to Canada's capital! This year is Canada's 150th anniversary and every first year should have taken a walk over to parliament. You should also go visit the Hill to say hey to Justin Trudeau!

8. Got some SWEET ice cream

Claudia Searle

Sweet Jesus! This is ice cream heaven! This ice cream shop on Clarence Street is in the Byward market. It makes for the perfect date and hangout with friends with the wild ice cream no matter the weather. Something you must try during your first year at uOttawa. 

#SpoonTip: Try a crazy hot chocolate during the winter to warm yourself up!

9. Skated on the Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal is a classic thing to do as a student, and might even be the best study break. With its 7.8 kilometres, that stretches from downtown Ottawa all the way to Dows Lake, I can guarantee every student with skates (and that know how to skate and stop) have spent some time here. 

10. Enjoyed a beaver tail

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Katrina Cuthbertson

If you've never had a beaver tail, you've definitely tried one during your freshman year at uOttawa. You probably lost your beaver tail virginity this year as a freshman. The Byward market location is by far the busiest, but this chain is also at the several rest areas along the Rideau Canal. 

Thank you uOttawa for a wonderful first year of university! I can't wait to see what second year has to offer. Until next year Ottawa!