Everyone has a coffee shop they love. Not surprisingly, the people who work in those coffee shops probably love them too. However, not everything is all chill vibes and happy times when you're a barista. Here's a collection of the good, bad, and the ugly every coffee shop employee has experienced: 

1. When you finally get a regular's order down

Whether you are new or the customer is new, life is easier when you can read their minds. Nothing makes a customer happier when their order is ready for them by the time they are ready to cash out. You might even become their favorite barista. 

2. The feeling of making perfect latte art

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Jamie Le
Although there are some days where every leaf looks more like more like a dead christmas tree then something beautiful, there will be sometimes when you totally nail it. Bonus points to when the customer notices and/or takes a picture. 

3. When it's crowded and all everyone wants is the most complicated drink on your menu

Making lattes is all fun and games until the next five people in line order large mochas each with extra shots and different types of milks. 

4. Having to explain random burns on your hands and arms

Whether it was from spilling hot coffee onto yourself, or somehow steaming your finger instead of the milk, you have probably left work with a mark or two on your body. Some people might originally be concerned, but you don't think much of it. Battle scars are part of the deal. 

5. Espresso grounds taking over your life

As wonderful as espresso is, it can be such a pain. Literally. Besides the fact that your clothes will most likely be covered in it, the pain of espresso beans getting in your eye is an all too common thing for baristas. 

6. Trying to carry an overly filled mug to a table without spilling

Sometimes those lattes are filled just a little too much past the rim, and you know that something might go terribly, terribly wrong. 

7. Having a drink sent back for unnecessary reasons

Sometimes you think it should be required for all customers read a basic guide to drinks before ordering. Having a macchiato sent back because it is not what it looks like at Starbucks is never fun. 

8. Having a drink sent back for totally valid reasons

Sometimes a drink will be carried away and you will just know that it isn't up to your standards. Maybe your cappuccino is short on foam, or your espresso sat for too long and is cold now. It's okay, everyone makes mistakes. 

9. Wanting to say no to an overly complicated order from a mean customer

The most confusing drinks almost always come from the most critical customers. They will most likely be standing over your shoulder commenting on each of your movements. Maybe next time they should just try making their own drink.

10. Showing up to work completely exhausted or hungover and having an unlimited supply of coffee around you

Nothing can revitalize a tired employee more than a red eye, right? Heck, why not just fill an entire large cup with just shots of espresso, we've built up a tolerance. I think it's clear that coffee really is a magical drink that can cure most ailments.