In true Americana fashion, stores everywhere transformed last week into wonderlands of red, white and blue in honor of the Fourth of July. And while Target certainly played into the Independence Day hype, they were also perfecting and launching more summer-themed goodies. These products have been specially crafted to bring you and yours into summer with some very happy stomachs. Here are all the best snacks at Target to turn around your post-4th blues.

1. Archer Farms Barbecue Kettle Chips

Photo courtesy of Target

Target's new budget-friendly in-house brand promises no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or trans-fats—basically, no funky stuff. These naturally-flavored barbecue chips certainly live up to the name, boasting cookout-ready flavor in eight-serving bags perfect for your next outdoor celebration. My helpful sources (read: hungry college friends) seem to enjoy these.

2. Bravino Sparkling Wines

Photo courtesy of Target

Target officially sells its own line of bubbly, and the $10 price tag makes the line pretty tempting. The bottles appear much more expensive than they are, so the Prosecco and Rosé options are perfect for a summertime hostess gift. Or for enjoying as a private celebration, without your wallet's judgement.

3. Firework Oreos

Photo courtesy of Target

Although I'm not a huge fan of the popping candy in Oreos trend, I understand how someone out there might potentially enjoy the sensation of Oreo creme being interrupted by a flurry of mouth explosions (OK, that does sound pretty awesome). Although Fourth of July festivities are (mostly) over at this point, these treats will give you an extra dose of red, white and blue for the rest of the summer. So maybe be a bit adventurous and give yourself a patriotic snack. 

4. Market Pantry Blast-off Pops

Photo courtesy of Target

These popsicles remind me of childhood—long, sweaty days at the pool topped off with lip-staining, deliciously frozen treats. These American-themed popsicles provide a nostalgic taste of those ice cream truck goodies, tying in classic cherry, blue raspberry, and white lemon flavors.

5. Market Pantry Mini Brownies

Photo courtesy of Target

Sometimes I think I have a sophisticated palate, and then I see desserts like this and I remember that I'll never be above a classic sugary frosting. Or some slice n' bake cookies. But these mini brownies look especially tempting, because they're small enough to eat one or two. Or three. After all, a platter of 16 is plenty to share.

6. Simply Balanced Blue Corn Tortilla Cupz

Photo courtesy of Target

For some reason, tortilla chips always taste better in mini cup form. And these new preservative-free blue corn cups are the perfect size for scooping out guacamole, salsa, queso, or whatever other dips are brought to your next potluck. 

7. Simply Balanced Organic Nacho Chips

Photo courtesy of Target

Three words: Nacho-flavored chips. Why require the extra step of adding cheese on top of your chips? Why not just combine the whole process and be able to pour out almost-cheesy-goodness in a bowl? Clearly, Target knows what they're doing with these new organic, flavored snacks.

8. Simply Balanced Watermelon Sparkling Water

Photo courtesy of Target

This is a product I can definitely get behind. For only $2.99, you can treat yourself to eight cans of upgraded water, flavored naturally and ready to accompany any summertime event. Watermelon goes well with just about every summertime flavor, so feel free to pair this refreshing seltzer with your favorite grilled corn or BBQ recipes

9. Wine Cubes

Photo courtesy of Target

The branding of this product is clear enough that even a newly-21-year-old on summer break could figure it out. Four bottles of wine, packaged in a space-saving cube rather than clunky, traditional bottles. Though the packaging isn't quite as cute as some of Target's other wine products (see above), this pink moscato will get the job done.

10. Museum of Ice Cream Pints

Photo courtesy of Museum of Ice Cream

The famous Museum of Ice Cream launched its own pints exclusively at Target this summer. The ice cream comes in seven highly anticipated, fun-named flavors ranging from Sprinkle Pool to Vanillionaire to Churro Churro. If you can't make it to the  actual Museum of Ice Cream this summer, these pints are definitely the next best thing. 

Each of these products seems tailor-made for a summer barbecue. Just add hot dogs and some grilled vegetables for good measure, and you've got the perfect Americana night.