In Canada it can sometimes feel like you're candy game needs a step up from all of those Smarties and Coffee Crisp's you've been eating. That's why a trip to Sweet Delights in Victoria BC is essential for getting out of your slump and onto some international sweets. Wanting to see what else is out there, I decided to drop in and found 10 sweets that are sure to take your tastebuds on vacation.  

The Haul:

Katie Davidson
The sum of what I ended up walking out with. It was time to get to tasting.  


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Katie Davidson

In typical U.S. fashion, this massive Reese's cup is King Size, and even has smaller, crunchy Reese's Pieces stuffed right inside. Definitely meant for those die hard peanut butter fans. 


Katie Davidson

Even though Pop Rocks are widely distributed in the U.S., according to the package they're made at a factory in Spain. Just a warning though to those of us who haven't eaten these since childhood, do not, I repeat, do not dump the entire package into your mouth at once. Just don't to it. 


Katie Davidson

Eating this tiny liqueur filled prune is basically the equivalent of taking a shot, however what could be more French than prunes and booze am I right?


candy, sweet, chocolate
Katie Davidson

This one was interesting to say the least as it requires some work before you can eat your candy. By emptying the tiny white packet into the larger bag of gummies, they end up being coated in this white sugar that leaves your mouth with this lovely — or not so lovely — feeling of being covered in dust. 


milk, sweet, candy, dairy product, dairy, cream, cheese, chocolate
Katie Davidson

Although this one required some brute strength to even cut in half, this Tutti Frutti Flavour Nougat tastes just as fruity and flavourful as the name suggests. 


milk, sweet, butter, dairy product
Katie Davidson

You can never go wrong with a Toblerone bar. Those mountainous peaks of milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat will never let you down. 


candy, chocolate, cake, sweet
Katie Davidson

Thank you Germany. These little piggies come in three flavours– strawberry, cherry, and raspberry– and according to my German roommate are the "best thing ever," to which i can undoubtedly confirm. 


chocolate, milk, candy
Katie Davidson

This traditional Icelandic milk chocolate bar comes packed with real liquorice pieces and sea salt. Easily the fanciest chocolate i've ever eaten.


Katie Davidson

This candy might be more useful for making it look like you have mad stacks of European money than for eating. Unless you like the taste and texture of mildly sweet paper, this candy might not be for you. 


sweet, milk, candy, cream
Katie Davidson

If you've never had a Curly Wurly before you're definitely missing out. With gooey caramel stuffed inside of milk chocolate and a flavour so sweet it could make your teeth fall out, you really can't go wrong here. 

Although my sugary trip around the world is over, I highly encourage you to pick up some international sweets for yourself. You won't regret it.