"Irasshaimase!" Maybe you know this is the greeting you'll get upon entering a sushi restaurant, but do you know about all the rules that come with dining there? You most likely don't, and that's okay because I'm here to help teach you about some very important sushi rules. 

1. When dishes come with sauce, don't dip them in Shoyu (soy sauce)

sushi, tuna, rice, fish, salmon, seafood, wasabi, sashimi
Ashlyn Pierceall

If your itame (sushi chef) puts a sauce on your dish, it's because they think that sauce and amount best suits the fish. Don't argue, they're the experts.

2. When you do use Shoyu, don't overkill it

This could potentially overpower the fish. Or, you know, bring your food back to life.

3. When using Shoyu, dip on the fish side 

salmon, sushi, sashimi, fish, seafood, tuna, rice, smoked salmon, wasabi, caviar
Ashlyn Pierceall

Dipping with the rice side down may result in rice falling into your Shoyu dish which is frowned upon in Japan.

4. Eat hand rolls when you get them while the nori (seaweed) is still crisp

No one wants soggy nori! Biting into a hand roll and experiencing the crunch of the nori is truly one of life's little treasures.

5. Eat your sushi in the correct order 

You should generally eat the sushi on your plate from left to right. Any sashimi should be eaten first, followed by whitefish and lighter tasting fish, then fish that are richer in flavor. If you ordered anything that is cooked, eat it last. 

#SpoonTip: Cleanse your palate with a piece of ginger and some green tea between each type of sushi to ensure you get the full flavor of every piece.

6. Never, I mean NEVER, rub your chopsticks together 

sushi, tuna, rice, fish, wasabi, salmon, seafood, nigiri
Ashlyn Pierceall

By doing this you're sending a message to the restaurant that you think their chopsticks are cheap and splinter filled which is extremely insulting. Not to mention that it makes you look like someone who only dines at low-quality restaurants that actually give you cheap chopsticks.

7. When your chopsticks aren't in use, use a chopstick holder

Ashlyn Pierceall

A Shoyu dish or even your chopstick wrapper works fine, too. Honestly, just do anything except sticking your chopsticks upright in rice. Doing that symbolizes a ceremony done at funerals in Japan — talk about a bad omen.

8. You can use your hands to eat nigiri 

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Ashlyn Pierceall

But sashimi is to be eaten only with chopsticks. 

#SpoonTip: When eating nigiri, place the fish on your tongue and the rice on the roof of your mouth to ensure the fish's taste dominates your mouth rather than the rice.

9. Don't mix wasabi in the Shoyu dish 

The itame places the amount of wasabi they feel is a proper balance to the fish on your sushi already — and your itame knows best.

10. If you order a soup with noodles, slurp away 

Unlike in America, it's actually rude not to slurp in Japan. Let your chef know how delicious their soup is with those slurping noises! Also, a scientist explained that slurping your noodles can even make your dish taste better. Win win! 

So cheers to being o-fish-ally ready to properly eat the most amazing food on the planet. Sayonara, fellow sushi lovers!