Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. You’ve eaten through two heart-shaped boxes of chocolate that you’ve purchased for yourself already. You’ve watched every Kate Hudson rom-com on TV three times. You’re ready to try something new. This Valentine’s Day it’s time to treat yourself. 

1. Chococurb: For the Always Single One

Another year alone? No more Hershey Kisses for you. Chococurb matches your chocolate preferences to your liking and gives you all different types to try this Valentine's Day.

2. Graze: For the Health Nut 

Ditch the candy hearts. Graze promises to provide unique and exciting snacks using wholesome ingredients– such as real fruit and nuts. Snacks are portion controlled and completely natural. 

3. Dylan’s Candy Bar: For the Sweet Tooth

Make your Valentine’s Day a sweet one this year. Dylan’s Candy Bar, otherwise known as heaven, offers up any candy you can think of from their shelves sent right to your door.

4. Winc: For the Wine Drunk One

Toasting to being single? Winc allows you to get a specially curated wine selected just for you. Fill out a questionnaire online about your personal taste in wine and they’ll send you a collection of bottles just to your liking.

5. Jeni’s Ice Creams Pint Club: For the Newly Single One

Welcome to your best life. Since you’re still in your grieving phase, you might as well spend the money you’d be buying a V-day dinner with on some delicious ice cream. Jeni’s promises a wide array of flavors sure to make you smile. And while you're at it, pick out a good rom-com to snuggle up with. 

6. Nature Box: For the Eternal Snacker

Netflix and chilling? Order some snacks to go with that. Nature Box provides countless snack options, from salty to sweet. All made using real ingredients– anything will match your mood.

7. MunchPak: For the One Who’s Seen Every Rom-Com Already

We’ve all been there. You’re sobbing at the end of The Notebook and all you want to do is bury yourself in a bag of chips. MunchPak can help you out with that by bringing different snacks from all over the world.

8. Pressed Juicery Juice Cleanse: For the One Looking to Glow Up

So, you just ran into your ex after you left the gym? It happens. With Pressed Juicery’s 5 Day Juice Cleanse you’ll be sure to look effortlessly hot for your next run in. Good luck!

9. Blue Apron: For the One Obsessed with Their S/O

We get it. You want to cook your S/O a romantic Valentine's Day meal, but you have zero skills in the kitchen. Luckily, Blue Apron's boxes come with ingredients ready for you to prepare to make a delicious ~home-cooked~ meal for your Valentine. 

10. Cravory Cookie Box: For the Extra One 

Want to scream it from the rooftops that you’re single? Cravory's got you covered. With extravagant flavors like red velvet and strawberry Pop Tart, you're sure to be satisfied with some sweets this V-day.

Roses are red, violets are blue, this Valentine’s Day I’m hungry too. No matter how you’re spending the holiday, be sure to love yourself in any way you can. XOXO...