Valentine's Day is known as the most romantic holiday, and also the most disappointing. Those in relationships celebrate together and those who are not feel a little down.  It is time for this to change, and for the holiday to not only celebrate the love between partners but also the love that friends share–Galentine's Day. 

I've had some amazing Galentine's Days myself, from having a wine and movie night with my roommates to going to dinner with my sister and mother. I highly recommend celebrating the holiday with those who you love most.  Who needs a boyfriend when you have the best friends a girl could ask for?  Here's 7 steps to having the best Galentine's Day in history!  

Step 1: Gather Your Gals

Find your best girl friends and invite them to celebrate Galentine's Day with you. Pamper yourselves, and focus on how amazing you are rather than the fact that you're single.  Use the holiday to celebrate your friendships. Boys come and go, but your friends are always there. 

Step 2: Make Dinner Reservations At Your Favorite Restaurant

Make a reservation for everyone to go to their favorite restaurant together, because there's no better time to treat yourselves. You won't have to be worried about impressing anyone because you can be yourself in front of your gals. Order whatever you want, because it doesn't matter if it's messy or fattening or slathered in cheese. Your friends aren't going to judge you.

Step 3: Throw Yourselves A Rockin' Party

Decorate one of your dorms or apartments for the holiday. The more you decorate, the better your Instagram pics. Make sure you get a Galentine's Day sign because it will take your decorations and photographs to the next level.

Step 4: Pop Open the Rosé

What better way to celebrate the holiday than with some wine? Pop open some rosé (totally themed for the holiday with its pink color) and relax with your friends, because all of you deserve a relaxing night in.

Step 5: Consume Unlimited Adorably-Themed Desserts

Use the occasion to treat yourselves to adorable Galentine's Day desserts.  Make sure everything is either heart shaped, chocolate, pink/red, or all three. Have some fun creating desserts that will taste as good as they look. Indulge for the night and treat yourself.

Step 6: Secret Galentine

Use the holiday as an excuse to pick out a gift for one of your friends.  Prepare ahead of time and do a secret Galentine exchange. Pick out jewelry, candy, or a cute accessory. Set a budget so you're not spending to much because it's truly the loving thoughts that count. 

Step 7: Chocolate, Chocolate, and Chocolate.

What's the best part of Galentine's Day?  February 15th, when all the unsold chocolate is on sale, and you can indulge to your heart's delight.  Pick out some of your favorites, and enjoy the fact that it's so cheap.

You can still have an amazing Valentine's Day, no matter if you're single or taken. Take the opportunity to have a fun Galentine's Day with your best friends, treat yourself, and have a relaxing and memorable night.