Everyone loves fall. Dried, orange leaves scuttle across pavement, a chilly wind tickles the end of your scarf, and the aromas of cinnamon and campfire smoke hang thick in the air. Sound familiar?

Yeah, me neither. If your college town is anything like mine, October feels like the fifth month of summer. It's hot. And humid. As much as I want to want to indulge in a hot pumpkin spice latte or a cozy bowl of soup, I'm too busy running to the bathroom and patting my armpit sweat dry with paper towels. So let's get real - here are ten fun, festive fall snacks - that won't make you feel like you're melting from the inside out.

1. Pumpkin Pie Gelato 

Looking to embrace seasonal foods, but can't quite kick that summertime Talenti addiction? No need to jump ship just yet. Try this pumpkin pie flavor for a chilly autumn twist on a summer classic. On a diet? Try Halo Top's version. 

2. Apple Chips

Get that cinnamon-y comfort and apple-y autumn goodness - without the hot flash. This easy fall snack is healthy, delicious, and won't melt in your bag. Despite the fact that it's a sauna outside.

3. Pumpkin Spice Greek Yogurt 

Thought yogurt was a summer thing? Thought wrong. Siggi's, Chobani, Trader Joe's - everyone's hopping aboard the pumpkin spice yogurt train this season. Don't miss out.

4. (Cold) Apple Cider 

It's your favorite, spiced-out, cozy fall beverage! Just...chilly.

5. Fall-themed Snack Bars

Swap out your usual on-the-go snack for one that is basically exactly the same, just with, you know, pumpkin pie vibes. Or, if you're one of those people - pecan pie vibes. 

6. Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Did you know this was a thing? Me neither. Maybe by January it'll be cold enough for the hot version. 

7. Pumpkin Smoothie 

Another icy pumpkin drink, but for those who are either a) vegan b) on a health kick or c) not into the idea of having the caffeine jitters for the rest of the afternoon.

cream, coffee, milkshake, banana, smoothie, milk
Natalie Beam

8. Kettle Corn 

The classic pumpkin patch snack - for those days when the actual act of leaving your air-conditioned home to go to a pumpkin patch would involve five pounds of sunscreen and a personal spray bottle.

rice, popcorn, corn, wheat, cereal
Sara Carte

9. Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter 

Wanna go X-games mode? Pair with your favorite flavor of apple slices. Wanna eat like an actual college student? Keep a jar of this PB chilly in your fridge and have a spoonful whenever you want. Looking for something a little sweeter? Here's another winner. 

10. Cereal 

And last but not least, a classic. The true, collegiate stand-by. The old faithful of higher-education snacks: cereal. Pumpkin Spice Mini-Wheats, Apple Cinnamon Special K, Jack O' Lantern Apple Jacks -  pick your poison. Just make sure to pair with some cold, refreshing pumpkin spice almond milk

Whatever your snack of choice, there are lots of ways to get in the fall spirit - and maintain a reasonable core body temperature at the same time.