As an avid Starbucks coffee drinker, I went on my app per usual on Nov. 1 and mobile ordered my Vanilla Cafe Latte before class. When I walked into Starbucks there was a surprising new holiday cup waiting for me on the counter. 

I must have forgotten that Nov. 1 is the launch of the famous holiday cups, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the holiday cheer design decorated with tons of Christmas-y designs like presents, snowflakes, ornaments, hearts, trees, and even mini red Starbucks cups. These are absolutely STUNNING! 

If you look closely you may notice that the cups designs look like a hand drawn doodle and some Starbucks lovers are taking that to the next level. Coffee drinkers are giving Starbucks' cup designs a run for their money by making the Christmas cups their own.

Here are the 10 best decorated Starbucks cups this holiday season.

1. Christmas Cheer 

Cute and simply Christmas filled, this fan's doodle of red and green doesn't get more classic. 

2. Realistic 

It is only right for a fan to color in the holiday cup just how you would picture it. Red and green and filled with love. 

3. Pretty in Pink

This is one of my personal favorites combining the two best things, Christmas cheer and a little bit of pink! 

4. Green shaded

I think that this design shows real artistic ability. The green shading in the background of the cup really makes it stand out. 

5. Rainbow love

How could this color cup not catch your eye? I love how this fan turned the classic Christmas design into a rainbow masterpiece! 

6. Pop of Color

Unlike the last one, this one is not fully rainbow glam, but I seriously appreciate all of the color filling the all of the objects on the cup.

7. Blackout

This doodle takes us to the dark side while still showing Christmas cheer!

8. Polka dots 

The added polka dots do not go unnoticed on this cup's colorful design.

9. Study Break 

Looks like this Starbucks drinker was in the middle of some hard work and couldn't resist to color all over her latest coffee cup.

10. Bling Bling

Saving what I think is the best and trendiest design for last! This Starbucks lover took her doodling to a whole new level by adding some much needed bling! This is the chić coffee look will be sure to turn heads

I think we can all agree that no one does the holiday season quite like Starbucks and that they have truly out done themselves this year. From all the new holiday coffee brews to the speciality Christmasy drinks, and of course, the new picturesque cup design.

Although the beloved and iconic red Starbucks holiday cups are gone, they have managed to replace them with something just as pretty and filled with Christmas cheer. So the next time you go to order your hot Peppermint Mocha Latte or your Eggnog Latte, be sure to grab an assortment of colored pens and pencils and make that cup your own. If you're lucky, you might be able to get your cup design featured on Starbucks' Instagram.