Starbucks is stepping up its holiday beverage game — both with the new green cups and the addition of its first holiday flavored cold brew.

Starbucks' Spiced Sweet Cream Nariño 70 Cold Brew (what a name) is available to Starbucks Rewards members on November 3rd (yo, that’s today). So I decided to take advantage of this little perk and try it for myself.

Let's start with the name. Unfortunately, “spiced sweet cream” is kind of a turn-off. I mean, what is this sweet cream and why is it spiced?

While the barista was making the drink for the first time, I heard her ask her coworker, "Is it actually spicy?" That made me worried.

Apparently, this spicy sweet cream is a Starbucks secret recipe. And while the name of it sounds a little strange, the taste of the drink is completely unexpected. 

So let me tell you what it tastes like.

tea, beer, coffee
Marina Nazario

I get major Christmas in July vibes with every sip. It has a robust vanilla base, swirled with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Christmas-y, right?

It’s refreshing, yet comforting and great for warmer climates. But like all of Starbucks' holiday drinks, prepare your sweet tooth. It doesn't lag in the sugar department thanks to that ambiguous sweet cream.

If I were in Florida in the middle of December, this would be my Starbucks go-to. I would much rather have an iced coffee when it's hot and sunny than in the dead of winter. The rich flavors of the spiced sweet cream gives it that holiday kick I'm looking for during this time of year — making it a unique addition to Starbucks' holiday menu.

ice, cream, ice cream, milk, chocolate
Marina Nazario

But on a cold, snowy morning in NYC, you know I’m going for that hot peppermint mocha. I couldn't bear holding an iced drink in my hand while walking to work in 30 degree temperatures. 

I totally encourage you to get into the holiday spirit with the Spiced Sweet Cream Nariño 70 Cold Brew. It will be available to non-rewards members later on in November. If you have to have it now, download the app and become a rewards member. Maybe someday (far in the future with a possible name change) it will join the ranks of its superiors, such as peppermint mocha and PSL.