A good, non-alcoholic drink is totally underrated. They may be just as expensive as your $7 marg, but sometimes you just need something refreshing to push through the day and to mix things up. So I found the best non-alcoholic drinks in Lubbock that you need to try. 

Raspberry + Ginger Kombucha

Kicking off this list with a slightly alcoholic drink that won't get you tipsy- kombucha. Vitality Bowl is the only place in Lubbock that serves their kombucha on tap and changes daily! Kombucha only has half the calories compared to a typical soda, but still gives you that satisfying carbonation everyone loves about soda. All the flavors taste just as good as the other, but my go-to kombucha flavors are raspberry and ginger mixed. 

Undertow Espresso Shot 

The origin of this name is fuzzy, but I bet you won't forget what these shots are called! The Undertow is available at Peet's Coffee at Market Street, and has natural vanilla syrup from Madagascar, half and half, Peet's Espresso Forte and packs a whole lot of goodness in a one-gulp shot glass. Undertow shots will surely keep a pep in your step throughout your day, minus the detrimental effects of taking alcoholic shots! 


I'd like to thank Vampire Weekend's infamous song for being the reason I tried this drink at Raider Burrito off of 19th Street. Horchata can be made in a variety ways, but the authentic Mexican drink is made with rice, sugar, spices, cinnamon, and milk. Regardless of how it's made, I can assure you it'll be muy deliciosa.

Cherry Garcia Latte

Available at Studio 19, be sure to try out the Cherry Garcia Latte. With notes of mocha and cherry, this latte reminds me of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, but is definitely a better alternative than carrying around a pint of ice cream (but don't let that stop you from doing so). 

Frozen Apple Chai 

If you're into chai lattes, you'll be really into this one. Made at Healthy Essentials, this beverage is the perfect mix of light, refreshing apple and the creamy chai  you love. So go forth and conquer, chai latte lovers!

#SpoonTip: Pair the Frozen Apple Chai Latte with a Turkey Avocado Wrap...Thank me later. 

Avenue Z Tonic 

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Kim Labajo

This beverage is crafted by the wonderful baristas at Yellow House Coffee on 34th street. The combination of orange extract, cold brew coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, tonic water, and ice may seem weird, but you'll just have to trust me on this one—it's liquid gold! Think of those chocolate covered orange slices, but in a cup on the rocks. 

Mighty Detox Juice

Available at Freshii, this green guy will be your detox buddy when you've been partying the whole night before. This drink is full of fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, celery, and pineapples. This can be unappealing to non-juice drinkers, but I promise you, the Mighty Detox Juice does not taste like a liquid version of a salad. If green juices just aren't your thing, then I suggest the Red Power Juice.

Spring Picnic Iced Tea

If there was a drink that taste like a perfect summer day, this would be it. Available at Tea2Go, the Spring Picnic Iced Tea has notes of watermelon and mint. This drink is great boost for those hot, dry and windy Lubbock days, and gives you a taste of the swiftly approaching stress-free spring break vacay

Avocado Bubble Tea Smoothie 

Someone once told me, "Avocados are only meant for guacamole, that's it." And I just want to say, that's a lame way to live your life. Avocados add an ideal creamy thickness ratio and revolutionizes the way people should use them. My favorite Avocado Bubble Tea Smoothie is made at Happy's Shaved Ice, Bubble Tea, & Smoothies