Going to school in New York City has allowed me to experience a long list and vast array of new foods, one that even includes jellyfish. Yet even after broadening my horizons, I still always can't wait to get back home to Maryland to indulge in some of my favorite eats in the summer.

Most known for all things crab and Old Bay, Maryland is home to some of the most mouthwatering foods you can find in the United States.

1. Steamed Crabs

Most Marylanders will attest to the fact that we were all born with the ability to pick a crab. And here in Maryland we steam, rather than boil, blue crabs smothered in Old Bay from the Chesapeake. Even though in Maryland we will find any excuse to put crab on our food, steamed crabs will always be considered one of the best way to enjoy crabs. 

2. Crab Cakes

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 We love crab so much that we even figured out a way to make it into a cake form. Crab cakes typically consist of crab meat, egg, bread, mayo, and of course, Old Bay.

This fan favorite has become so popular that many restaurants across the country have tried to recreate their own version of it. 

3. Utz Crab Chips

 Personally, I believe Utz crab chips represent the pinnacle of innovation by combining two of my favorite things: chips and crabs. No, there is not actual crab mixed with the chips but rather, the chips are seasoned with "Chesapeake Bay crab seasoning" and they taste quite similar to Old Bay. An easy way to get the taste of crabs without all of the hassle. 

4. Old Bay

There is not a single person in Maryland who does not know about Old Bay. Old Bay is a seasoning with a secret recipe that is most commonly used in seafood dishes (but tastes good on just about everything).

If you ask anyone from Maryland about Old Bay, they will most likely share with you their favorite food item they season with Old Bay with items ranging from popcorn to a Bloody Marys. 

5. Thrashers French Fries

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If you have ever been to Ocean City, Maryland then it is safe to say that you have tasted Thrashers French Fries, seasoned with your choice of either salt or apple cider vinegar. They are hands down the most delectable fried potato you will ever eat in your life. 

6. Natty Boh

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Need something to drink while you are picking crabs? Natty Boh serves as the "official beer of Baltimore." The pilsner remains a staple with 90% of its sales coming from Maryland. The beer is so beloved, people actually have tattoos of the one-eyed, mustached man

7. Pit Beef

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Pit beef, a Maryland creation, is a roast seasoned with salt that is grilled until crispy on the outside and rare on the inside. Most commonly it is served with horseradish and onion on a roll. If you are looking to try this classic Maryland sandwich, look no further than Chaps.  

8. Berger Cookies

I once introduced my roommate to Berger cookies and she mistakenly compared them to black and white cookies. Let me tell you, it would be quite impossible to compare Berger cookies to anything else.

The cookie is topped with a thick layer of chocolate fudge that would satisfy any chocolate lover's needs. Berger cookies have served as another Maryland icon along with steamed crabs and Natty Boh. 

9. Smith Island Cake

Smith Island Cake serves as Maryland's official state dessert. It consists of eight to ten layers of yellow cake and chocolate frosting. The cake's rich and creamy texture makes it the perfect melt-in-your-mouth dessert.  

10. Fisher's Popcorn

Another Ocean City favorite, Fisher's Popcorn serves a variety of flavored popcorn made right before your eyes along the boardwalk. Famously known for their caramel popcorn recipe, Fisher's has become a vacation staple. The next time you are walking along the boardwalk, you'll have to stop and try some yourself.

Despite my serious bias here, I can easily say that Maryland is home to some of the best foods that you can't live without trying at least once.