Eating healthy meals almost every day of the week seems like a difficult task to do. I'd much rather eat pizzas or something.. )if only it helped with weight loss). But there is something delicious and effortless that might help us shed a few extra pounds, if not all. And that's smoothies. Sorry. 3 ingredient smoothies. These are high in protein, are nutritious, require barely any time and ingredients, help in weight loss and accomplishing a healthy lifestyle. Plus, it's so much easier to make a 3 ingredient smoothie and carry it in a travel mug instead of trying to concoct something delicious and healthy in the wee hours of the morning or after a tired day at university/work. That's where these healthy 3 ingredient smoothie ideas come in.

To make it simple for all you busy people out there, who're probably interested in losing weight and getting all the nutrition required for a healthy and fit body but are short of patience and time, here's a list of easy 3 ingredient smoothies ideas that are actually delicious and will be a perfect addition in your daily routines!

1. Spinach Banana Smoothie

Kitchen, sink, Green, lettuce, vegetable, salad, spinach
Julia Gilman

As the name suggests, this smoothie requires spinach, banana and coconut water. In this beautiful green drink, bananas help lower blood pressure and reduce the risks of cancer and asthma while spinach provides protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals good for your body. The coconut water helps with weight loss by suppressing appetite and providing satiety.

2. Rise and Shine Smoothie

Market, Fruit, mango, apple, pasture
Amelia Hitchens

This smoothie requires mangoes, greek yogurt and milk. The generous amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A in mangoes, plus the different kinds of carotenoids keep the immune system healthy and strong. And the amino acids present in the yogurt help burn fat and the milk is good for bones as it is a rich source of calcium.

3. Blueberry Almond Smoothie

blackberry, bilberry, sweet, blueberry, pasture, berry
Jocelyn Hsu

Milk, almond butter and some fresh blueberries is all you need for this weight loss smoothie. Quite vibrant in color, blueberries decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and overall promotes a healthy complexion and hair, increase energy, and reduce weight. The almond butter makes the drink creamy and is considered good for the development of brain.

4. Green Pineapple Smoothie

juice, pineapple, Fruit, tropical
Sam Jesner

For this gorgeous pineapple smoothie, you'll need spinach for the green color and rich amount of protein, coconut milk (or any other milk) which acts as a great nutritious base for the smoothie and of course pineapple, which helps reduce risk of diabetes and obesity and tastes so amazing!

5. Peanut Butter Smoothie

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Caroline Ingalls

For one of my favorite weight loss smoothie, you'll need milk of your choice, a banana and peanut butter! This smoothie is really creamy and healthy packed with monounsaturated fats. These help shrink fat and improve insulin metabolism. Bananas being fiber and potassium rich, increase satiety.

6. Peachy Orange Smoothie

juice, vegetable, citrus, pasture
Bhavya Sahay

This smoothie is tangy yet sweet because of this delightful combination of peaches and oranges. You can use vanilla flavored milk of your choice as the base. Fruits like peaches ward off obesity related diseases and help reduce bad cholesterol and oranges being high in fiber reduce blood sugar levels.

7. Watermelon Basil Smoothie  

melon, watermelon
Bhavya Bansal

Coconut water, basil leaves and juicy chunks of watermelon make this weight loss smoothie heavenly. Watermelons have high levels of water, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and just a small number of calories. and the herb -basil- has a potent antibacterial property and fights aging. This drink is quite refreshing and thus great for summers!

8. Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Fruit, red fruit, red berry, sweet, pasture, berry, strawberry
Amelia Hitchens

This luscious smoothie comprises of coconut milk, almond butter and strawberries! The sweet, slightly tart berries are rich in the essential nutrients - vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and fiber. They are also associated with healthy skin and hair, increasing energy, and lowering weight. Whereas almond contains mono-unsaturated fat that satisfies appetite and prevents over-eating.

9. Chunky Monkey Smoothie

chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa
Jocelyn Hsu

For this last weight loss smoothie, you'll require bananas, cocoa powder, milk of your choice and chopped walnuts (optional, but they make the smoothie healthier and crunchy). Cocoa consumption is associated with decreased blood pressure, improved cholesterol levels and is also considered as a natural anti depressant. And the walnuts increase satiety and thus help maintain your ideal weight, making this smoothie the perfect solution!