Don't you wish your Instagram feed made you want to eat more vegetables as opposed to more Christmas cookies? Wouldn't it be awesome if your feed inspired your next dinner? These 10 Instagram accounts will without question inspire you to eat healthier.

1. @realfoodology (102k followers) 

Courtney Swan, a traveling real food activist and full-time nutritional science student, believes in real food and is on a mission to change the way America eats. In addition to recently moving to LA—where Courtney is spreading her message “FOR THE HEALTH OF IT!,” Courtney works on the road with ToveLo, helping the artist stay healthy on tour. 

2. @shutthekaleup (219k followers)

My favorite thing about this account, run by LA-based mom Jeannette Ogden, is how realistic and easy is makes healthy eating appear. Jeannette’s photos look like snaps of what she is actually eating and appeal to those of us who are always moving. Jeannette's Instagram is also connected to her blog, Shut The Kale Up, where she post many of her recipes

3. @kalememaybe (32.5k followers

Carina Wolff, a health and wellness journalist who runs this Instagram account, lives by the philosophy “healthy eating is a lifestyle.” Scroll through her feed and you’ll find Zoodle Carbonara with Mint Almond Pesto, Deconstructed Breakfast Burrito Bowls, and so much more. If you love this Kaleifornia girl’s account, you can check out even more of her recipes in her cookbooks and website.

4. @livegreenhealthy (814k followers)

Jenny Lei, the young woman behind this Instagram, isn’t about eating less—just eating better. Crispy peanut tofu cauliflower rice stir fry, baked breakfast potato boats, and grilled corn kale salad are just a few of the awesome meals on her feed. If you love Jenny’s account, you should also read her e-cookbooks: 10 Day Detox, 10 Day Detox II, Celebrate Real Food, Celebrate Pancakes, and College Survival Guide.

5. @thedelicous (178k followers)

Sara Jim wants you to "eat beauty every day" as stated in her Instagram bio . She uses her account as well as her blog to show you how easy it can be. This Instagram displays aesthetically pleasing photos of fruits and vegetables that look almost too good eat! Sara clearly puts a lot of effort into creating the food she photographs and is on her way to becoming the next food porn star.

6. @sproutedkitchen (201k followers)

Sara Forte at Sprouted Kitchen will show you new ways to incorporate vegetables into your meals and make the most of your local farmer’s market. Her feed is just a small part of the picture, operating beneath a blog which she and her husband run. A quick scroll through this feed, and you’ll find things like broccoli and charred lemon flatbread, slow-cooked kale omelettes, pumpkin black bean patties and so much more!

7. @gkstories (341k followers)

This Instagram operates as an unofficial behind-the-scenes look into the stunning vegetarian blog, Green Kitchen Stories, which is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. David Frenkel, half of the boyfriend-and-girlfriend team running the blog, is all about healthy vegetarian recipes that are full of energy and good for an active life. On his feed, you’ll find green pea falafels, tofu ramen, Swedish chocolate biscuits, and a few photos of his adorable kids (of course with their food).

8. @beautyblends (126k followers)

If you like fruit, then this is the account for you to follow. @Beautyblends, run by 25-year old Dutch blogger Sanne van Rooij, is all about satisfying your sweet tooth with photos of artfully arranged produce and delicious cocktails. I can guarantee a quick scroll through this Instagram will leave you craving fruit. Sanne also runs the Instagram account @livingthegreenlife and a blog where she post her recipes. 

9. @thecrunchyraddish (66.3k followers)

A plant forward eater, natural foods chef, fitness enthusiast, and lover of toast: Miranda Hammer Shear, R.D., is sure to fill your feed with approachable healthy recipes. Miranda Hammer is not only a registered dietician but also a certified dietitian-nutritionist and founder of the blog, The Crunchy Radish. Miranda's blog is filled with reminders of why you should eat healthy, community health-eating challenges, and recipes for every meal of the day (including dessert!). 

10. @besmarteatsmart (54.1k followers)

Can’t choose which healthy Instagram account to follow? @Besmarteatsmart is your answer. This account features curated cooking inspiration from some of the top health food bloggers on Instagram. A scroll through this feed and you’ll find sweet potato black bean wraps, soba noodle spring rolls, maple glazed temped wraps, carrot cake buckwheat porridge, and other smart eats. This curated masterpiece pulls the best from everyone and inspires you to eat healthy.

So, you've clicked "follow" ten times now right!? 

*That's what I thought.*