If you're a Muslim, you know the struggle of finding halal eateries because they tend to be just Middle Eastern. However in New York City, Muslims have the opportunity to try diverse cuisines when it comes to halal food so check out these ten types of halal cuisines.

1. Munch — American Cuisine

When maintaining a halal diet, it's quite unfortunate not being able to indulge in appetizing Buffalo Wild Wings. But don't be disheartened because Munch, located in Forest Hills, Queens allows you to experience the wonders of wings. Munch offers  different flavors such as mango habanero, buffalo, chipotle BBQ, garlic parmesan and many, many more. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, typical fast food appetizers, pizza (with Halal meat toppings!), shakes, smoothies, and dessert. The options are endless. Go on Ummah of New York City, and experience the greatness that is deep fried American food at Munch.

2. Nur Thai — Thai Cuisine

Nur Thai is located in Rego Park, Queens and serves authentic Thai cuisine. Their menu consists of noodles, fried rice, Thai entrees, curry, and desserts. One of the most amazing aspects of Nur Thai is the wonderful and aesthetically pleasing presentation of the food. Going to Nur Thai will introduce you to delicious halal Thai cuisine, affordable and generously portioned food, and pictures you can post on Instagram. 

3. Lasiaf Taco Lounge — Mexican Cuisine

That's right. Halal Mexican food. Lasiaf Taco Lounge — at Flatbush, Brooklyn — serves halal tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and virgin cocktails. It is a surreal experience to try halal Mexican cuisine, and you can now enjoy #TacoTuesday with the rest of the world.

4. Rasa - Asian (Japanese, Singaporean, and Malaysian) Cuisine

Oh yeah — halal sushi is a real thing in New York City. Rasa is located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, and they serve various types of Japanese dishes such as sushi, teriyaki entrees, and udon. The menu at Rasa also consists of Singaporean and Malaysian dishes like rice and noodles entrees. Head on over to Rasa to delve into Asian cuisine and halal sushi. 

5. Pollo Link Peruvian Restaurant — Peruvian Cuisine 

Coming across a certified halal Peruvian restaurant is beyond shocking but exciting as well. Pollo Link, located in Ozone Park, Queens is a newly-opened restaurant that serves authentic Peruvian cuisine but has implemented a halal take on it. The menu consists of chicken and steak dishes along with wonderful desserts such as flan and Tres Leches. 

6. Fatima Halal Kitchen — Chinese Take-out

Muslims can experience the popular Chinese take-out of America as well. Fatima Halal Kitchen serves everything you'd find on a typical Chinese take-out menu, with the exception of pork of course. It is located in Astoria, Queens. 

7. Cafe KashKar — Uzbek Cuisine

Cafe KashKar not only portrays the culture of Uzbekistan in its restaurant, but also fills the local area with the aroma of Uzbek food. The menu consists of traditional foods such as samsa's, which are layered pies filled with meat. They also serve Uzbek styled kebabs of lamb, veal, chicken, beef, and much more! Head out and try some unique and traditional Uzbek cuisine at Cafe Kashkar located in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

8. The Soul Spot — Soul Food

The Soul Spot, located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, serves soul food which consists of fried or jerk chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens, and so forth. What's great about this restaurant is that the food is great, but the affordability is even greater. 

9. Cevabdzinica Sarajevo — Bosnian Cuisine 

The Balkans have a high Muslim population, specifically Bosnia, which makes it much more convenient to find halal Bosnian cuisine. Cevabdzinica Sarajevo is a hidden gem located in Astoria, Queens. The restaurant serves authentic and traditional Bosnian cuisine such as mouth-watering cevapi — meat sausages with diced onions and bread — and burek which is meat and spinach or cheese filled pastry. 

10. Affy's Premium Grill — Steakhouse

So, a steakhouse isn't exactly a type of cuisine but it is a miracle that a halal steakhouse exists. Affy's provides a variety of meat entrees such as steak, ribs, burgers, wings, and lamb chops. The menu is quite diverse which allows customers to pick from many options. Oh, did I also mention halal steak? Nothing beats that. Thank you Affy's!

If this list isn't enough for you, New York City is filled with many more halal-friendly restaurants. To view more restaurants that serve halal cuisine, check out this Instagram account that posts halal eateries in New York City!