Are you a sparkling water enthusiast? I know I am. Spindrift is one of my favorite brands and it's celebrating its 10th birthday this month! Known for their multi-flavored sparkling water beverages, Spindrift has gained a devoted fan-base that can't get enough. In honor of Spindrift's birthday, I've rounded up a list of 10 fun facts you probably didn't know about the brand until now!

Fun Fact #1

The first cans of Spindrift were made in Bill Creelman’s kitchen, serial entrepreneur, who was looking for a healthy substitute to his afternoon Diet Coke addiction.

Fun Fact #2 

Pulp from the first batches of Spindrift in the manufacturing facilities severely clogged the machines because they weren’t used to real ingredients. 

Fun Fact #3

Because of complications ranging from seasonality to food safety, it can take as much as two years to develop a new flavor.

Fun Fact #4

There are currently 11 refreshing flavors -- pineapple, lime, cranberry raspberry, half and half (tea and lemon), strawberry, grapefruit, lemon, cucumber, blackberry, orange mango and raspberry lime.

Fun Fact #5

Loyal Spindrift employees and fans alike refer to themselves as “Drifters” and are part of the Drifter Community. Spindrift is open to all sparkling water afficionados to join the Drifter community and receive first access to new products, discounts and more!

Fun Fact #6

Prior to distribution, each and every batch is personally taste tested by 3 to 4 employees in the home office to ensure the utmost product quality in every can. 

Fun Fact #7

Before opening a can, Spindrift recommends “spinning” the can upside down to ensure the real pulp is evenly distributed and not resting on the bottom – a solution the brand coined after removing natural flavors and introducing real fruit to the sparkling water category. 

Fun Fact #8 

Seen in the fridges of tastemakers, such as John Mayer, Selena Gomez and Kristen Bell, all who are huge fans of Spindrift products and have shown support on their personal social media channels.

Fun Fact #9 

Spindrift’s newest flavor, Pineapple, sold out in four minutes.

Fun Fact #10

Not all flavors have been successful – after launching Watermelon, Spindrift decided to remove it from market based on negative consumer feedback. Sometimes people’s expectations of what a watermelon should taste like – a Jolly Rancher – and what a real watermelon tastes like are two very different things. A valuable brand learning!

Where To Find Spindrift

Spindrift can be purchased online or in-store. Check out the product locator to find a carrier near you. 

To learn more about Spindrift, make sure check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram