Have you ever tried fried lemonade before? I never thought it was possible to fry a liquid, but apparently I was wrong. At the State Fair of Texas this past weekend, I was able to witness the holy land for all things dipped in hot oil. Here is a list of all the craziest fried things at the State Fair of Texas this year, but be warned—fried food now has a special place in my heart.

Fried PB&J

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Your favorite childhood lunch, battered up and fried. This classic sandwich with a spin will make your mouth water and leave you feeling satisfied as you walk around the fair. If you want to take it up a notch ask for "The King," which is a PB&J with bananas and bacon. 

Fried Lemonade 

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This fried concoction was my favorite out of everything I tried at the fair. For this treat, flavorful balls of dough were first infused with lemonade, then deep fried until golden brown. The final touch was soaking them in lemonade, giving them the perfect sweet-to-sour ratio. 

Fried Oreos

Regular Oreos are old news — fried Oreos are the way to go. You can stick with the classic Oreo or go with one of the flavors of the week, like red velvet. This is sure to be one of the best fried treats you'll find at the State Fair of Texas.

Fried S'mores

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Sitting at a campfire or at the state fair? This campfire classic is even more enjoyable when fried. The sticky marshmallow and gooey melted chocolate is already an enticing combo, but wait till you add the fried graham cracker — you'll never go back to plain s'mores again.

Cookie Fries

This savory dish won "Most Creative" at the fair this year, so it's definitely worth your tickets. Whether you are craving regular chocolate chip or sprinkle cookies, you can get either in the form of fries at the state fair. These fries don't come with ketchup, but they're served with chocolate or strawberry dipping sauce.

Fried Jello

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Some would wonder how you could possibly fry Jello, but that's the fun in trying new things at the State Fair. Fried Jello won the "Best Taste" award this year, pleasing all its customers and leaving smiles on their faces. The crunchy outer shell pairs wonderfully with the light interior — no wonder it's a winner.

Fried Butter

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We know for a fact that Paula Deen would go nuts for this fried butter. The butter is first salted, then covered with a Panko crust and fried to perfection. It is then set out to cool and when it's ready to be served, it's drizzled with a cinnamon buttery sauce that makes this snack out-of-this-world.  

Fried Cheesecake

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The tres leches cheesecake is a spongy, buttery cheesecake soaked in three different types of milk, deep-fried, then topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.  This cake will melt in your mouth and goes great with a side of fresh fruit. 

Fried Pizza

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You can get your favorite slice of pizza fried to perfection, then topped with pepperoni and sprinkled with cheese. If you're a pizza fanatic like most people I know, this will be a must-eat at the fair.

Fried Pumpkin Pie

With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, what better thing to eat then some fried pumpkin pie? This savory delicacy has all the best flavors of fall baked into one pie. You'll find yourself wanting more as you finish this pumpkin dessert.

The State Fair of Texas is all about trying new things and enjoying all the fried food you could imagine. Make sure to come with an empty stomach and excitement to try all things deep-fried and Texas-sized.