Whenever I fly back to Canada for the summer, I have to remind myself that there are things I can't talk about outside of St Andrews — like running into the North Sea naked, or getting with your mum or dad on a night out (@outsiders, this isn't as weird as it sounds, I promise). But one of the biggest things that I always find myself explaining is the food. Sure, we're a small town, but we have a lot of cool places to buy hot chocolate and quirky drinks to try. These are 10 food-related things you will only understand if you go to St Andrews. And yes, Pablos are obvs included.

1. You Know That the Best Part of Friday is the Toastie Bar

You know to save your change during the week because you'll need 50p on Friday. You have the opening times of the Toastie Bar memorized (11pm-2.30am) and you've probably tried some weird combos. Creme egg toastie, anyone?

2. You Know What a Pablo Is

No, not Pablo Picasso. I'm talking about the drink. Your academic parents definitely tricked you into having one of these at the Bop in your first year. By fourth year, the dedicated student will have tried all five flavors.

3. You Know That Gorgeous Scones Are Life Changing

Is there anything better than a Prince of Cambridge Scone from Gorgeous filled with blueberries, raspberries, and white chocolate? Trick question. Of course there's not.

4. You Can Name All of the Restaurants on Deliveroo

In a town as small as St Andrews, Deliveroo options are limited, so you know exactly which restaurants are on the menu. Oh, and you probably recognize the Deliveroo drivers and bicyclers too. Especially the hot ones.

5. You Know to Drink Venoms Slowly

If you haven't drank one of these before, then chances are that you have — you just don't remember it. A Venom is like the older, crazier cousin of a Pablo. It's made with Blue WKD, a shot of vodka, a shot of Southern Comfort, and a splash of orange juice. Drink at your own risk.

6. You Have a Strong Opinion About Dervish vs. Empire

Out of all of the food-related things you will only understand if you go to St Andrews, this one is the most relatable. When it comes to drunchies on a Friday night, you're loyal to either Empire or Dervish, and you refuse to go anywhere else for your cheesy chips or pizza. Seriously. This stuff makes or breaks friendships.

7. You Live For Maisha's Student Deal

Honestly, you could probably say your Maisha order in your sleep. You know that the student deal is £7.95 for a starter, main course, papadom, rice, and naan bread (I promise that I'm not sponsored, just a Maisha enthusiast). You've also accepted that you're going to eat it all in one sitting. #Sorry-not-sorry.

8. You Know That Tailend > Cromars

Okay, okay, controversial statement, but hear me out — Cromars is good, but Tailend is amazing. The fish is better quality, and the crunchy batter is super tasty. It even won "Best Restaurant in Scotland" in 2017. Pretty hard to argue with that, tbh.

9. You Know That an Event Will Be Good if There's a Blackhorn Food Truck

Blackhorn food trucks are a staple at every St Andrews event, from Opening Ball to DRA Ball to Welly Ball. Sure, you're dressed up in heels or a suit, but nobody is going to judge you for getting down with a juicy burger. All of that dancing works up an appetite.

10. You Know To Avoid Jannetta's When It's Sunny

Unless you're prepared to queue for 30+ minutes for ice cream (which, tbh, sometimes I am), you know to only visit Jannetta's when it's cold and raining. As soon as the sun comes out, the queue can stretch all the way to Zizzi's.

These 10 food-related things that you will only understand if you go to St Andrews are enough to make any student proud. Sure, we're a small fishing village, but we've got a heck of a lot of good food. Your friends might think you've lost your mind when you try to order a Venom at the bar this summer, but you'll know the truth — they just don't go to St Andrews.