These gadgets are out of this world.  As a college student who is busy, but also wants to keep their Instagram game on point, these gadgets save time as well as will impress all your friends at the next get together. There are plenty of weird gadgets that will inspire you to create anything your stomach desires; from smoothies to whiskey. Apollo box, a website that features trendy and futuristic gadgets, will make your life easier.

1. Self-Blending Juicer Cup

juice, milk, strawberry, smoothie
Laura Quinting

Sometimes you don't have time to fit greens and fruit into your day, which makes condensing them easier. The self-blending juicer is quick and easy, as well as portioned for one person. The variations of smoothies are endless. My favorite lately has been banana, strawberries and kale. When you aren't making smoothies, it can also be utilized as a water bottle.

2. Ecocube

Laura Quinting

Going to the store for mint and rosemary for the 2nd time this month can be a pain. Having a garden though, doesn't seem plausible for your campus apartment. But through Ecocube, your garden can be made reality. The compact design makes it easy to maintain. There are many different options to grow such as strawberries to Aloe Vera to even Mimosa. 

3. The Original Whiskey Bullet

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Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

Bullets in your drink? Well it's worth a shot. Or maybe two! Add one bullet per ounce of whiskey for the best results. But, make sure you freeze these stainless-steel bullets for 4 or more hours before using. Your friends will think your a bad ass when they see you drinking from a glass with bullets in it.

4. Chill Yo To Go

Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

Using freezable non-toxic gel beads, this cup can freeze in as little as an hour. It can hold up to 13 ounces of whatever snack you want to keep cool. Forget having to buy pre-made ever again. Create yummy yogurt combos with only your favorite ingredients. Your yogurt is sure to stay fresh when you need it, in this instant "ice age" technology.

5. Bulb Water Bottle

wine, beer
Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

My mind has officially been blown. The bright idea to use a light bulb as a water bottle has taken the Instagram game by storm. If you want to sport the trendiest water bottle here is a precaution. Do not put anything hotter than 175 F in the bottle, the glass will shatter. On the upside, glass is environmentally friendlier than plastic, and tastes cleaner too.

6. Round Ice and Raindrop Cake Mold

Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

Made from Food Grade BPA-free silicone, these "EOS" looking cakes will sure to be a hit at your next party. Based off the Japanese dessert, raindrop cakes have swept social media and our hearts. This treat freezes in as little as 4 hrs.

Fill them with water, or juice and your favorite fruit to create a delicious miniature cake that will be sure to impress. My go to has been pink lemonade and peaches, but Grenadine and Welches Mango Twist has been my new love. 

7. Salt Shot Glass

tequila, juice, ice, lime, salt
Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

What goes the best with Tequila and Lime? How about a little salt? Serve with your favorite drink and lime wedge and you are good to go. Made with Himalayan salt, this shot glass will wow any guest. Now go pour yourself a drink.

8. GeniCan

coffee, cake
Laura Quinting

Since when is trash ever going to be smart? It can. GeniCan attaches to your trash and tracks what items get thrown away. It is WIFI enabled and is attached to the GeniCan app to create a list. No more wondering whether you need eggs and bananas. This will save you the worry and you might just remember you need more trash bags.

9. Mr. Coffee Wifi Enabled Coffee Maker

tea, beer, kettle, espresso, coffee
Laura Quinting

Waking up on Mondays are brutal. As a college student "sleeping in," is closing your eyes for another 5 min past your alarm. When running late or getting ready in 10 min flat the Mr. Coffee WIFI enabled maker makes life easier. Through the WeMo™ App, your coffee will be ready in minutes and you'll be out the door.

10. MyFlavour Water Carafe

ice, water, apple, watermelon
Photo courtesy of The Apollo Box

Fruit infused water has been sweeping the Snapchat and Instagram realm lately. But your friends water will have nothing on you with this organization. Make a row of your favorite herbs and fruits in the most time saving way. It looks great in a photo, and when you're done drinking the water eating the fruit is even easier. 

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Interesting and new age gadgets are both accessible and won't break your bank either. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to create trendy drinks or snacks. Whether gifting or just treating yourself, these products are sure to give anyone inspiration in the kitchen.