As a former First Lady, New York Senator, Secretary of State, and now the first female Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is the public servant we've known for decades. You may know a lot about Hillary the Politician, but how much do you know about Hillary the Foodie? Here are 10 food facts about Hillz that may confirm or question your decision this November.

1. She eats a hot pepper every day.

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Stephanie DeVaux

After reading an article in 1992 about the benefits of spicy foods, Hillary Clinton started eating hot sauce and a fresh jalepeño every day. She says, "It's one of the reasons I'm so healthy, and I have so much stamina and endurance." Stamina and endurance sound like two qualities essential in a commander-in-chief. 

2. She helped invent wine-infused ice cream.

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Emma Delaney

As senator, Hillary started New York Farm Day, in which New York producers would travel to Washington, DC to show off the best of the Big Apple. One year, a winemaker was set up next to Mercer's Dairy from upstate New York. For kicks and giggles, people started pouring Cabernet into their ice cream and loved it. Now Mercer's Dairy exports its wine ice cream to 15 countries around the world. 

3. She's no longer a PSL fan.

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Sarah Yanofsky

In an interview, Hillary confessed that she used to like pumpkin spice lattes, until she learned the number of calories that were in them. There's reason for concern: a grande PSL with soy milk and no whip has 310 calories and 49 grams of sugar. 

4. She had specific instructions for the White House chef. 

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Paige Twombly

In her time as First Lady, Hillary encouraged former White House chef Walter Scheib to cook American food rather than the French cuisine that was common in the White House. Scheib also shared that Hillary enjoyed Dove bars, lamb, and Middle Eastern flavors like hummus and baba ghanoush.

5. She has a knack for making scrambled eggs. 

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Chelsea Barbee

Although she admits that she is a "lousy" chef overall, Hillary takes pride in the fact that she makes "pretty good soft scrambled eggs." Chelsea's childhood comfort food was actually her mom's scrambled eggs, so when she fell ill, Mama Clinton took to the White House kitchen to cook Chelsea scrambled eggs. 

Most of us will never have the pleasure of enjoying a presidential candidate's scrambled eggs, but that doesn't mean we can't make our own classy version.

6. She has her pick for best burger. 

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Caroline Liu

Hillary's favorite burger is the OliveBurger from her teenage hangout spot, the Pickwick restaurant in Park Ridge, Illinois. According to the former owner of the Greek diner, George Paziotopoulos, the OliveBurger was "6 ounces of grilled ground beef sirloin on a toasted hamburger bun with a thick topping of chopped, pimento-stuffed green olives." Unfortunately, we will never get the chance to try the OliveBurger for ourselves as Pickwick shut down two years ago, to Hillary's disappointment

7. She also has an affinity for vegan burgers. 

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Parisa Soraya

Hillary Clinton was known to have loved snacking on meatless 'Boca' burgers during her time in the White House. According to Max Shondar, co-developer of the hamburger, the 100-calorie soy burger "doesn't taste grainy like a hot granola bar. It's got the texture and consistency of fine ground beef." The Boca burgers were such a hit with the First family that they were served on Air Force One. 

8. She's proud of New York apples. 

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Olivia Mattyasovszky

Hillary always kept New York apples on proud display in her senatorial and secretary of state offices. New York is the nation's second largest apple-growing state, after Washington. The New York Apple Association, Hillary's main supplier, reveals that her favorite is the sweet-tart McIntosh apple

9. She likes to hang out in Lange's Little Store with Bill.

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Gabby Phi

Lange's Little Store is the couple's "favorite neighborhood spot" in their hometown of Chappaqua. The coffee shop features made-to-order sandwiches, coffee, and a simple country vibe. Hillary Clinton says, "The only thing better than the coffee and sandwiches is getting to catch up with all the friends who drift in and out all day long." 

10. Unlike her family, she doesn't follow a specific diet plan.

While Bill is an open-minded vegan and Chelsea only eats gluten-free, Hillary's general rule is, "if it looks bad for you, it's probably bad for you." She focuses on a balanced diet of various whole foods, proteins, and natural fats. She also tries to carve out time for yoga as much as possible. 

I hope you feel like a more informed voter than you were before, because hey, politicians eat too. On November 8th, grab a fresh hot pepper on your way to the polls, then celebrate your right to vote with some wine ice cream.