Just because you’ve been dating for a while doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t like to relive the first date—unless it wasn’t worth mentioning, but it’s never too late to turn things around. It’s natural for couples to get settled into their day-to-day routines and often take a night out for granted. But every once in a while, it’s healthy to mix things up. In the event you’re a bit rusty, here are a few simple tips you can use to show her you haven't lost your charm (completely) and to improve a dinner date.

1. Know Where to Go

If I invented an app that read minds and suggested the best place to eat in under a minute, I’d be a millionaire in a day. No woman likes an indecisive man. Keep her tastes in mind and prepare a list. If you haven’t decided where to eat by the time you’ve driven a mile, you’re in trouble.

2. Clean Up

A shower is obvious, but we can sometimes forget about the ride. You’re not only her date, you’re her chauffer. A good wash and an air freshener can make a powerful impression. Don’t treat this as just another evening outing. 

3. Controlled Conversation

Think really hard. If there's something she’s been wanting to discuss for a while (or vice versa), now is a good time to talk it through (unless you think it’s on a subject that could potentially kill the mood, but if you play your cards right, the occasion might work in your favor).

4. Be a Gentleman

You should already know the basics (pick her up, tell her she’s beautiful, open the door, pull out her chair, etc.), but did you forget about street etiquette? Men walk nearest the street at all times, period.

5. Take Your Time

There are 365 days in a year, and tonight belongs to her. Don’t rush. Be present and mindful. It’s no fun to be with someone who’s pushing you in and out of the door.

6. Please Silence Your Cell Phone

Whatever it is it can wait, and if it can’t, let her know why. Remember, tonight she deserves your undivided attention.

7. Try Something New

It helps not to fall back on the same old dining location, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. However, you might try taking a chance with something different on the menu. It may not turn out to be such a good idea, but at least it'll get you both out of your comfort zones. 

8. Be Attentive

This should be a no brainer, but if you’re anything like me, it’s not. I find it hard to listen because I have trouble with focusing (especially in public places), but do your relationship a favor and at least make a damn good effort. When she asks you for your opinion on something, you should be able to give a convincing response.   

9. Make it Last

A great way to prolong dinner is to have dessert elsewhere. Don’t overdo it though, there’s no need to make a commute across town. Planning to eat someplace where there are plenty of dining options is always a good choice, plus a relaxing walk and some fresh air never hurts.

10. Surrender

Unless dinner is one of many stops that you’re planning to make tonight, you’ve done your job. Let her take the wheel. There’s a good chance that by now the only thing she’ll want is to waste away the remainder of the evening watching Netflix with you, but if she has any other suggestions, agree to make them happen. Her wish is your command. 

This is by no means a fool-proof, all-inclusive, step-by-step guide to pleasing your woman on date-night, but it’s something to get you started. I’ve come to learn that it’s not about the grandeur it’s about the gratitude. The details make the difference when it comes to impressing a woman, and when she’s happy you’re happy.