Christmas is just days away, and if you're anything like me, you're probably panicking about what to get someone. Buying presents can add up quickly, but with the crazy deals on holiday candy, you might as well splurge on filling those stockings. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas-themed sweets? And you're just in luck because Target has an insane amount of Christmas candy stocking stuffers for $5 or less! Here's a list of some of the yummy treats you can get that are sure to fill your family and friends with joy.

#SpoonTip: the listed prices are based on Target's website and in-store deals.

Godiva Chocolate

Godiva, aka a gift from the gods, is having a massive sale on their beautiful and artistically designed premium chocolates. The appropriately named "Masterpieces" collection in their 5-6oz packaging is selling for only $4 at Target. Trust me when I say that the Caramel Lion is so worth buying. 

Lindor Truffles

Not only is their holiday packaging outrageously gorgeous, but all of Lindor's delicious truffle flavors are also now on sale. You can get any flavor or assortment of these elegant spheres in a 6oz bag for $4.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares

Give the gift of indulgence this Christmas with Ghirardelli's deluxe chocolate squares. Their Limited-Edition Peppermint Bark is a staple of the season, and are now available in the shape of adorable little snowmen. For $4, you can find these on Target's shelves in their 4-6oz candy cane inspired bags.

Ferroro Rocher's Christmas Chocolates 

Ferrero Rocher's hazelnut chocolates are the epitome of perfection. With their sophisticated flavor and polished gold wrapping, they make for a timeless classic treat. Depending on the serving size, there are several box options available for $5 or less. 

Toblerone Naughty/Nice Bar

The Swiss chocolatiers behind the mountains of Toblerone continue to bring the joy of nougaty goodness this holiday season. And in true Christmas spirit, Toblerone has given us the option of marking off whether our recipient is naughty or nice on the back of the packaging. Either way, they're in for a sweet treat and it'll only set you back $3.99 for a 7oz bar. 

Andes Chocolate Mints

Bre Larranaga

Andes infamous chocolate mints capture the spirit of Christmas with their festive range of flavors like peppermint, truffle, mint cookie, and cherry jubilee. Each box contains 28 pieces of chocolate and is on sale for only $2.08. 

Hammond's Candies

Bre Larranaga

Hammond's Christmas chocolate bars are to die for. With their twist of unusual ingredients, like bacon bits and potato chips, you won't find another chocolate bar like it. The best part is you can get 3 bars for $5, which is a steal if you ask me.

Hershey's Christmas Chocolate Bars

Bre Larranaga

Everyone's favorite Hershey's bars are now beautifully decorated with festive designs for the holiday season. For only $1.49, you can bring Christmas cheer to even the unhappiest Grinch you know with one these delectable treats.

Russell Stover Marshmallow Santa

Bre Larranaga

Russell Stover's adorable mini-marshmallow Santa's are the perfect sweet for everyone to enjoy on Christmas morning. With a chewy inside and silky milk chocolate outside, they make for a great stocking stuffer for only $3.12 for a pack of 6.

Merci Christmas Assortment

Bre Larranaga

Last but not least, Merci's luxurious European chocolates are at the top of the line when it comes to confections. They're silky, light, and creamy, making them a wonderful gift at an excellent price of $4.99 for 7oz.

Christmas candy stocking stuffers are the best way to go when it comes to last minute presents. Head on over to Target to get the best deals on holiday sweets at a fraction of the cost.