I love gift giving, and I’m not just saying that to sound like a nice person or whatever. I genuinely love picking out a gift for someone and watching the surprise and happiness it brings them as they open it. But a problem you might run into with all the secret Santas, white elephants, and gift grabs is that those little presents add up.

It’s like shopping at Sephora—seriously, how can three little lip sticks, an eyeliner, and some body lotion add up to $100? Ridiculous. But if you’re all about the holiday gift exchange and you’re broke af, don’t sweat. Here’s a list of awesome gifts, ranked from a McDonald's budget to a Chipotle budget. 

Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Seasoning

Price: $1.99

You know when people say stuff like, "Oh, this thing is life changing." Yeah, well, they're talking about this Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend from Trader Joe's. It's the perfect addition to everything from avocado toast and salads, to bread and popcorn. Give your receiver some inspiration by making your own recipe cards to go with it. Your friend will thank you forever for making their life 100 percent better.

Hot Cocoa Oreos

Price: $2.99

Oreo is "America's favorite cookie," so there's a pretty good chance that your receiver is gonna dig in immediately upon opening. Gift this new winter Oreo flavor on its own at your white elephant gift exchange, or pair it with a cute mug and some actual hot chocolate for your BFF. 

A Nearly 3-pound Cinnamon Roll

Photo courtesy of Sam's Club

Price: $4.98

Imagine your friend's face when they open up a sticky, sweet, delicious, and oh yeah, ginormous, cinnamon roll from Sam's Club. If we're being technical, this baby is 44 oz (just slightly under three pounds), and it will feed your friend for days. But let's hope your friend is just as generous as you and is willing to share.

Sugarfina Tequila Grapefruit Sours

Price: $8.50 

OK, so these gummies won't get anyone drunk. Probably. But they are cheaper than a bottle of the good stuff, and won't give anyone a nasty hangover. These Sugarfina sours combine the taste of grapefruit and tequila, aka taste like a refreshing Paloma, and they're rolled in sweet sugar crystals. They're basically upgraded Sour Patch Kids. I mean, really upgraded—they're infused with George Clooney's Casamigos Tequila. 

Essie Nail Polish in Forever Yummy

Price: $9.00

Red nail polish looks great on everyone, and this shade will look great when your friend is holding up her Starbucks cup for her Insta story. Appropriately called "Forever Yummy," this Essie red nail polish is the pop of color your girlfriend won't mind sneaking into her food porn pics. 

The Ultimate Beer Pong Kit

Photo courtesy of Walmart

Price: $9.98

Get your friend the game that keeps on giving—beer pong. This beer pong kit (pick one up at Walmart) includes 14 red solo cups, four ping pong balls, and two bags of white cheddar cheese balls to snack on while you play, all kept in a cutesy tin made to look like a red cup. They can use the tin later to store more cups and the ping pong balls for future parties, or get more creative and use it to take snacks to the tailgate.

Christmas Donut Kit Gift Set

Price: $9.99 

This Christmas Donut Kit Gift Set from Target comes with everything you need to make delicious donuts—donut making mix, donut glaze mix, sprinkles, and cinnamon sugar. Your friend can make these and sip on some hot chocolate while binge watching Netflix over winter break. What else are they gonna do at home for the next couple of weeks?

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans & Spinner Tin

Price: $9.99

BeanBoozled is a hilariously delicious game (sometimes). What I mean is that you don't know what flavor you're going to get. Spin the wheel and whatever color your arrow lands on, pick it up and get to tasting. Are you about to eat Caramel Corn or Moldy Cheese. Sending good vibes that your receiver gets a Caramel Corn.

Hot Sauce Challenge

Price: $14.24

I'm low-key obsessed with watching those videos on YouTube of celebrities answering questions while eating hot wings. Rumor has it, the hotter the sauce, the "higher" you'll feel, because when you eat something hella hot, your body releases endorphins. Give your friend that legal high with this Hot Sauce Challenge from Target, and test them to see which level they can get to. But drinks on you if they reach Level 10. 

Oreo Milkshake Gift Set

Price: $15.98

Oreos mixed with anything—cookies, brownies, ice cream, coffee—is delicious. But give your friend the gift of Oreo milkshakes this year with this Oreo Milkshake Gift Set. It comes with two ceramic Oreo-branded cups, four Oreos, two straws, and an ice cream scoop. Yep, you have to get the vanilla ice cream, milk, and blender separately, but if your friend loves Oreos, this is still pretty cool. Maybe include another row of Oreos though... I'd eat all four before throwing them in the blender. 

Casabella Guac-Lock Container

Price: $19.99

Guac is one of my favorite foods. No joke, last week I ate only guac and chips for dinner like three nights in a row. Stop judging me. But I couldn't take it with me for lunch, because by the time I would open it up on my desk, it'd get all brown and gross. But this Guac-Lock container will keep guac fresh for dayzzz. It's a miracle worker, and your friend will appreciate you thinking of them and their guac.

Gifts don't have to cost more than the bottle of wine you splurged on when Trader Joe's Wine Shop was closed. The best gifts come straight from the heart (and go straight to the stomach).