You've gotta appreciate a good burger once in a while. Not only are they are on almost every restaurant menu you can think of, but Dad won't even grill for a BBQ without a stack of patties by his side. And, let's not forget all of those juicy @spoon_shu close-ups that have you drooling and scrolling for more! And while Americans eat 14 billion burgers a year, how many of them were wrapped in waffles?

That's right, I said waffles.

Whether you're looking for a healthier alternative or just something that's more fun and outside-the-box, here are some weird but delicious bun alternatives that you've probably never thought to sandwich your patty between.

1. Waffles

Clarisse Callahan

A pair of waffles make great buns for ice cream sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. So, why not burgers, too?

2. Tostones

sweet, meat, cake
Elizabeth Unger

If you make them wide enough, Tostones—or fried plantains—can add a Latin and salty flare to your burger. Do it just like this Miami restaurant.

3. Lettuce

Kitchen, lettuce head, lettuce, vegetable, salad
Caroline Ingalls

This is a classic healthy bun alternative to bread. Have you ever driven up to a drive thru and asked for a burger without the bun... but with lettuce instead?! Trust me, it's worth it.

4. Zucchini

cheese, zucchini, lime, lemon
Ellen Gibbs

Here's one for green veggie lovers! Pick out the biggest zucchini you can find at the store for this one and then bake it for the crunchy texture you would need to keep the burger in.

5. Bagel

flour, dough, pastry, bun, cereal, bagel, bread, wheat
Ashley Hamati

The benefit to this doughy bun is that you have so many flavors to choose from. You can have an everything, sesame, egg, and even a rainbow burger if you want to!

6. Fried Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese, Mac And Cheese, cheese, macaroni, casserole, pie
Julia Gilman

Extra-fried and extra-cheesy, please. My two favorite comfort foods come together to make one glorious sandwich. The fried mac gives the bun a hearty crunch, while the cheese adds just the right amount of ooey-gooey that it won't compromise the structure of the burger. Check out how this Chicago Restaurant did it!

7. Sweet Potato

pumpkin, carrot, sweet, sweet potato
Shannon Staunton

This is the same idea as the zucchini buns, but this potassium- and magnesium-packed veggie gives your burger a sweeter flavor. Cut into the middle of the sweet potato to make the widest bun possible.

8. Omelette

meat, crust, pizza, sauce, tomato, vegetable, omelet, cheese
Jocelyn Hsu

Usually, the omelette goes inside the sandwich but it works just as well on the outside. Use a tiny pan or cookie cutter to make it the exact size and shape of the burger!

#SpoonTip: Cook the burger ingredients into the omelette for an extra flavorful bun!

9. Rice

risotto, cereal, rice
Jocelyn Hsu

White rice has a neutral taste that will go perfectly with a juicy burger! According to this NYC Restaurant that specializes in a rice patty bun alternative, steaming the rice first and then frying it will help keep its round form!

10. Grilled Chicken

pork, turkey breast, barbecue, pepper, chicken breast, meat, chicken
Hayden Carder

Give me all the meat! I would say to just make a three-layer burger but I think it would be too much. Using grilled chicken for the top and bottom layer instead will be lighter and less messy alternative.

Dare to try any of these yummy bun alternatives? We want to see! Be sure to share an Insta-worthy pic of your bunless burger creation with @spoon_shu by tagging us for a chance to be featured on our campus-wide feed of all things Pirates and food!