Whether it's cheese, secret sauce, or something as uncommon as raisins, everyone has their own way to spice up their burgers. For Nedal Ahmad, Otto Othman, and Nizar Ahmad, this secret ingredient was a tostón burger.

The three family members come from a Middle Eastern background but, were heavily influenced by the Latin culture that surrounded them growing up in South Florida. Pincho Factory mixes up the traditional burger by exchanging buns for tostones, or smashed and fried plantains. It is a typical side dish in Hispanic culture and adds a different flavor to the traditional burger. The Latin vibe shines through their menu substantially like burgers with potato sticks, guava dressing, and mango sauce.

Pincho Factory is well known for their burgers but also their award-winning hot dogs, kebabs, and pitas. They’ve won countless awards for years from big-name news sources like Business Insider and the Food Network. It isn’t surprising when the fast-casual restaurant really cares about where their ingredients are coming from. Most of their menu is made in house and their meat comes from a select 250 family owned certified humane farms in the U.S. When this family wanted to give the customer a taste of home, they meant it.

Speaking of home, I need to get there as soon as I cross the Miami-Dade County line. They have 7 locations in South Florida as far north as Pembroke Pines and as far South as Pinecrest. Hundreds of customers have stood in lines for Pincho Factory’s delicious food that really serves the customer’s taste. They often have specials where they create a delicious new recipe. For the month of September, Pincho Factory came out with their "So Fresh Burger" that is topped with herbed queso blanco, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled onions, dressed cucumbers, papitas, tzaziki crema. BRB – I’m on my way to Miami right now.