If you're over 21 years old and like to go out on the weekends, you've most likely encountered a Bloody Mary. This classic hangover cure features pretty traditional toppings like celery or pickles. Recently, however, people are all about stepping up their Bloody Mary garnishes game, and I'm all for it. 

Before we delve deep into the world of exotic drink garnishes, let's review the basic ingredients of a Bloody Mary. Typically, a Bloody Mary recipe calls for vodka, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, and hot sauce. Some recipes include wine or lemon juice for a hint of acidity. With these ingredients in mind, here are 10 Bloody Mary garnishes you never thought to try.

1. Bacon

bacon, pork, meat, beef, chicken, sauce
Emily Gordon

Waking up to a pounding headache and intense nausea is painful, to say the least. You've heard it time and time again, but greasy foods are a beacon of light when it comes to hangover cures. Naturally, pair bacon (easily one of the greasiest breakfast foods) with a Bloody Mary for that much-needed boost of grease.

2. Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Now we're talking. If you thought bacon was the move, think again. Try chocolate-covered bacon for a sweet-and-salty combination that'll blow any hangover out of the water. 

3. Beef Jerky

chocolate, beef, pork, steak
Sarah Schuette

While we're on the subject of meaty Bloody Mary garnishes, we might as well talk about beef jerky. Adding jerky to your Bloody Mary will bring out the smoky flavors of the Worcestershire sauce. 

4. Cheese

dairy, dairy product, milk, cheese, pepper jack, slices
Caroline Ingalls

Savory cheese pairs perfectly with your savory Bloody Mary. Bonus points if you pick a saltier cheese (like American) to seriously enhance the beverage's salty undertones. Then again, topping anything with cheese is the right move. 

5. Cilantro

parsley, coriander, cilantro, vegetable, herb
Msu Spoon

You either love the taste of cilantro, or you hate it. So, fellow cilantro lovers: listen up. This herb consists of earthy flavors with a hint of citrus, and it will bring out the lemon juice when paired with a Bloody Mary. Not to mention, it'll also complement the smoky flavor of the Worcestershire sauce.

6. Tomato

cherry tomato, tomato, pasture, cherry, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

In need of a healthy garnish? Look no further than one of Bloody Mary's main ingredients: tomatoes. Add more tomatoes to your tomato-based beverage. This will bring out the acidity of the lemon juice or wine in your Bloody Mary.

7. Hard Boiled Egg

egg, chicken, egg yolk
Jocelyn Hsu

It's no secret that eggs are one of the most beloved hangover cures. So, why not make eggs into a tasty Bloody Mary garnish? Hard boiled eggs, to be exact. Bonus: these eggs act as a major protein boost to your savory tomato cocktail. 

8. Jalapeños or Pickled Jalapeños

green pepper, vegetable, jalapeno, pepper, chili
Spoon University

If you're a fan of spice, consider throwing some jalapeños on top of your Bloody Mary. The added spice of the jalapeños will bring out both the pepper and hot sauce in the drink. If you pickle your pepper, you'll also be enhancing the beverage's salty flavors as well.

9. Shrimp

shrimp, seafood, prawn, shellfish, scampi, scallop
Bernard Wen

I'm not too sure about sea food as a morning hangover cure, but shrimp is supposedly a great Bloody Mary garnish. The savory flavors of the shrimp will keep your drink fresh and enhance the saltiness. 

10. Roasted Garlic

garlic, vegetable, condiment, elephant garlic, relish, pasture
Kristine Mahan

Indulging in roasted garlic for breakfast is not for the faint-hearted. For those brave souls, roasting some garlic to add on top of your Bloody Mary will give it a sweeter and more savory taste. It will tie all the flavors of your Bloody Mary together, I promise.

Who would've thought morning hangover cures could be so innovative? I don't know about you guys, but the chocolate-covered bacon has me intrigued. The next time you're in dire need of a Bloody Mary, try sprucing your drink up with some creative garnishes. It'll make your morning hangover much more bearable.