Looking for something hilarious, scandalous, or unique to be for your favorite holiday this year? Is Halloween even allowed to be called a holiday? Not sure. Either way, fear not... Halloween food costumes can go any of these ways and here are just 10 of them (in actual food form of course, the rest is up to your imagination...).

1. Sriracha

ketchup, hot sauce, beer, juice, sweet-and-sour sauce, russian dressing, condiment
Carter Roland

Imagine your face in between the delicious hot sauce bottle covered in writing you will never understand and the festive green top. I can't imagine a better way to spice things up (literally) this Halloween. And for a real crowd pleaser, carry around a bottle too. Could be a great chaser, too.

2. Smarty Pants

Pretty self explanatory, if I do say so myself. All you gotta do is attach these bad boys to your pants and BOOM—smarty pants costume. I'd recommend adding a few extra because after all, you never know when hunger may strike throughout the night.

3. Ketchup & Mustard

For those of you with friends who like to keep in on the conservative side, two ensembles, one red, one yellow, with your favorite condiment brand will do. Just try not to lose each other throughout the night (yes, that's a challenge).

4. Grapes

juice, gooseberry, berry, pasture, grape
Naib Mian

This is a great costume if you're going the hilarious route. Blow up some purple or green balloons and attach them to your entire body. Just don't plan on getting close to anyone Halloween night.

5. Beer

Melissa Miller

Thanks to the copious amount of beer companies throughout the world, this one could go many ways. Similar to the ketchup costume, pick your favorite beer (please, don't tell me it's Natty Light ), find a get-up that matches the color, and attach a label.

6. Candy Hearts

Another crowd favorite with minimal effort. All you need is a pink or purple dress, and a huge heart necklace with your favorite (most scandalous or most appropriate, depending on what you're into) candy heart saying.

7. Avocado

vegetable, guacamole, avocado
Rebecca Holstein

A green shirt and a brown circle of a pit is all you need for this fan favorite. Or, depending on your age, just cut a circle in the green shirt and let your bare skin act as the pit. Actually, I take back that suggestion... Please don't.

8. Franzia

Kelli Haugh

Another label-attacher costume—you already know the drill here. This one is for those of us who hate beer so much we can't even stand to wear it.

9. Taco Bell Hot Sauce

With phrases like this, you really can't go wrong (well, the "Marry Me" one might come off a little strong). The wide selection of sauces and sayings make this a great group costume. Visit your local Taco Bell for inspiration.

10. Strawberry

Fruit, red fruit, red berry, sweet, pasture, berry, strawberry
Amelia Hitchens

Attach some seeds, a cute hat of a stem, and there you have it. They say nobody hates fruit so I can't imagine you'd get any complains on this one (sorry in advance if I'm wrong).

There you have it. The real life foods that can easily be cooked up (punny) into a costume for an extravagant Halloween night. Take these food images and use your imagination to see what you can whip up. Best of luck and have a spooktacular Halloween.