Having grown up on a lake, I know that swimming and other lake activities can work up a serious appetite. To have the best day possible on the water, a stash of boating snacks is key. After packing the family snack cooler for many days on the lake, I've learned that the best types of boating snacks include nonperishables and things that can be resealed in containers so they don't become stale or get wet from wave splashes. 

Whether you're in the mood for a sweet treat or a quick source of healthy energy, there are tons of portable snacks for your boating excursions. These 10 boating snacks are a must for your next day on the water to keep you energized all day long.

1. Nuts

nut, almond, meat, walnut
Torey Walsh

Nuts like almonds or cashews make a great boating snack because they don't have to be refrigerated. Whether in small to-go bags from the grocery store or in a Ziplock bag of your own, this is a great high-protein and high-fat snack that will fill you up on the boat. 

#SpoonTip: If plain nuts aren't your fave, try making homemade trail mix to bring along. 

2. Chips and Salsa

vegetable, parsley, meat, pepper, onion, tomato
Emily Chaisson

This snack is a staple in my family, especially when we're sitting on the boat for hours. My only advice with this is to bring a trash bag with you for when everyone is done eating, otherwise the salsa will probably stain the boat. 

#SpoonTip: Pack a bag clip in your cooler so you can reseal the tortilla chips between snack breaks. 

3. Granola Bars

Rachel Hartman

This packaged snack is perfect for boating because it will not go bad sitting out in the hot sun. My favorite bars at the moment are LARABARs. They are dairy-free and made with real ingredients. Not to mention, they have really fun flavors that will taste amazing on a boat ride (like apple pie and cashew cookie).

4. Popcorn 

cottage cheese, kettle corn, salt, cereal, corn, popcorn, snacks
Julia Gilman

Popcorn doesn't always have to be the go-to movie snack, it can also be a great salty treat while lounging on the boat. If you put it in a Ziplock bag, it won't get wet and you can open it to eat fresh popcorn when desired. Be careful not to get it wet though—soggy popcorn isn't the same. 

5. Packaged Cookies

chocolate, candy, sweet, cookie, cake, goody, cream
Torey Walsh

While not the healthiest boating snack, Oreos and Chips Ahoy are sealed, which makes them travel-friendly. After eating your nuts or granola bar, open a package of cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth while sitting in the sun. 

6. Apples

apples, Fuji apple, Fruit, whole apple
Jocelyn Hsu

In my opinion, apples are one of the best fruits to travel with. If you wash a few, wrap them in paper towels, and stick them in a beach bag, they will be ready to eat on the boat at any moment. The apples shouldn't go bad during the day even though they sit out in the sun. 

7. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches

peanut butter, peanut, butter, bread, wheat, cake, jelly, jam, sandwich, plate, slice, bite, pb&j, peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Caroline Ingalls

A simple but classic option, PB&Js are ideal for munching on the boat. If you make some sandwiches before taking off in the water, they will save throughout the day until you're ready to eat them. Nothing in the peanut butter or the jelly will go bad in the sun either. 

8. Muffins

chocolate, sweet, candy, cake, coffee, milk
Diana Ghidanac

The flavor doesn't matter at all in this case because muffins of all kinds are a great boating snack. Throw some muffins or other breakfast breads in a bag for the boat and they'll be a delicious treat that keeps well throughout the day. 

#SpoonTip: Store muffins at the top of the cooler so they don't get squished by the other snacks.

9. Energy Balls

chocolate, meatball, sweet, truffle
Becky Hughes

Bite-sized energy balls like these make great boating snacks. These are basically little protein bites, and can be made with a variety of ingredients, like dates, nut butter, and cacao powder. They're hassle-free and travel well in airtight containers.

10. Dried Fruit

apple, sweet, pineapple
Hailey Nelson

Dehydrated fruit is a great way to bring fruits like peaches onto the boat without having to worry about making a mess or having it go bad. They are a healthy, generally low-calorie snack that are perfect to take on-the-go.

Overall, well-packaged and preserved snacks will be great snacks to bring on the boat with you this summer. If you make use of Ziplock bags and air-tight containers, you can pack a bag full of snacks that will be ready to eat at any hour on the boat. Don't forget to bring plenty of water along with you as well to stay hydrated while chowing down.