BC Dining: it's quite the experience. It's the best of times, it's the worst of times. Some days its a wonderful place where you can enjoy a meal with friends, and others it is your worst nightmare. Nothing captures the full BC dining scene quite like these ten moments from 'The Office'.

1. When it's been a rough night, but the Mac Employee doesn't count how many mozz sticks that he's giving you

There is nothing in this world that warm, gooey, mozzarella sticks can't fix. Especially when you get more than the measly six that they are required to portion out. 

2. But there's also that feeling when the worker realizes he gave you an extra chicken tender and puts it back

You would think that your $68,000 a year and the $10 meal would get you more than 6 tenders, but nope that's all you get and some late night workers are real sticklers. 

3. When one day someone suddenly decided that it wasn't cool to use trays so you have to attempt to balance all of your food without dropping everything

Really, whose idea was this?? You don't realize how uncoordinated you really are until you are carrying a plate, drink, fork, knife, napkin, and phone in your hands while walking past hundreds of judgmental eyes just waiting for you to drop everything.

4. When you check the Eagle Eats app and are expecting the same gross options, but walk into Lower and see that it's actually Mac n' Cheese Station

Ah, the Mac n' Cheese Station, A.K.A Lower's greatest contribution to the BC dining experience. This meal makes your night when you walk into the dining hall excited to devour it, but makes your week when it appears without you seeing it coming. 

5. When you're trying to be healthy but all of our food is either cheesy-greasy deliciousness or broccoli with actual bugs in it

While BC prides itself on its "healthy" options, it sure seems to have a lot more tempting unhealthier options. Plus, I'm sure we all don't need to be remind of the time that students found flies inside their broccoli at the Mac salad bar... Mmm appetizing.. 

6. When you walk into Eagles and see how long the salad line is

You spend a majority of your treasured hour long break between classes standing in a line that goes out the door. This really makes you question all efforts of trying to be healthy and makes you want to head straight to the much shorter sandwich line. Want the best of both worlds: shorter lines while still being healthy?? Eagle's Harmony Bowls may be worth a shot!

7. When you walk through the monotonous Friday night dinner options 

Every weekend we keep our hopes high, hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Nope, we have the same old chicken, cereal, burgers, and soup again. 

8. When you finally decide on the same grilled chicken and two-sides option for the fourth time this week

We just keep telling ourselves we are okay this this tiny piece of chicken and subpar scoop of vegetables every night. No really, we're fine. Yum. So good.

9. When you realize that you and your friends have been sitting in Mac for 3 hours on Sunday mornings

With the omelet station, pancakes, egg sandwiches, waffles, and fruit options, breakfast is arguably this dining hall's best meal. The Mac dining hall is also the ultimate procrastination site. No other place has sheltered me from my Sunday-Scaries quite like Mac.  Before you know it you check your phone and realize you and your friends have wasted a good portion of your day sitting in these seats. But you all know getting up means having to do work and be productive, so we persist. 

10. When you realize you still have $1800 on your meal plan with 2 weeks left of school so start balling out and treating all of your friends

While our actually bank accounts may be at an all time low, we still get the privileged of feeling like a baller when it comes to dining hall spending. There comes a point towards the end of semester when you realize you still have more than half of your plan left. Because the meal plan money doesn't carry over, you gotta spend away, treat yo self (and your friends!).

While at times, BC dining can be aggravating, gross, or a down right force, the dining hall is not the worst place. You will soon learn to love and miss it come summer.