A few years ago, I travelled to China and was shocked by the sheer number of fruits that I never even knew existed. Some of them looked a little strange and I wasn't really looking forward to trying them, but once I was persuaded to eat one I was pleasantly surprised. These 10 Asian fruits are definitely worth trying when you're traveling abroad.

1. Rambutan

While the prickly exterior of the rambutan fruit may seem off putting, the fruit is sticky and sweet and reminds me of gobbling down desserts as a kid. 

2. Snake Fruit

Named for its scaly appearance, the snake fruit has a tropical taste fairly reminiscent of pineapple. It's also known as Salak

3. Noni

While the noni fruit is in the coffee family, it has been shown to have extensive health benefits. This way you can have a delicious snack and improve your cholesterol, too. 

4. Kumquat

Kumquats are by far my favorite of the Asian fruits (and the only one I tried as a kid). Their citrusy flavor works surprisingly well in kumquat liqueur. 

5. Durian

Durian is well known for its unappetizing smell, but the actual taste of the fruit has been likened to custard and even creme brûlée. You may have to plug your nose, but the taste won't disappoint. 

6. Star Fruit

The name star fruit is no surprise with this distinctive shape. People don't just eat this fruit for its looks, however. It's also high in potassium and vitamin c.

7. Lychee

Despite being in the soapberry family, lychee certainly doesn't taste like soap. It's incredibly sweet flesh is often used in Chinese desserts. 

8. Pomelo

The pomelo is the largest citrus fruit in the world, as is clear in the image above. If you love citrus, buy one of these and feed the whole family. 

9. Sugar Apple

When people hear sugar apple, they may think of an apple crisp before this delicious fruit. However, it's obvious from the name just how sweet sugar apple is. 

10. Jackfruit

If you think Pomelo was big, jackfruit is going to blow you away. A single fruit can weigh more than my 10-year-old brother (up to 80 pounds). Forget feeding a family, you can feed a whole party with this big guy. 

Even though strawberries and oranges are safe, there's a whole world of Asian fruits out there that are also worth trying. Go out and buy some to experiment.