You just finished a long day of classes, homework and work. Your feet ache from frantically running around all day, and your morning cup of coffee has long since worn off. What do you do when you get home to rest? Kick off your shoes, change into sweatpants and power up Netflix?

What if, instead of escaping the exhaustion of your day through the next episode of your latest binge-watching guilty pleasure, you treated yourself to an activity that transports you to a deeper state of peace and rest? Here are my ideas for a rejuvenating afternoon for your mind, body and soul–and they all involve food, of course!

1. Drink a Cup of Tea

tea, afternoon tea, tea time, green tea, tea cup, tea pot
Jocelyn Hsu

Invest in your favorite type of loose leaf tea, or purchase a cute mug that will bring a smile to your face every time you brew tea to unwind after a tiring day. Tea is healthful and calming, with different types of tea offering different health benefits. Jasmine tea works well for reducing acne, while oolong tea is best for detoxification and antioxidants. Journal, call your friend, take a walk, or doodle while enjoying your afternoon cup of tea.

#SpoonTip: Make iced tea if it's hot outside by brewing hot tea then transferring it into ice two times. 

2. Cook Your Favorite Snack

chocolate, cookie
Spoon Csu

Being in the kitchen will allow you to exercise your creativity! You can turn on music, sing and dance as you make your favorite homemade cookies. You can also whip up something your mom always made or something that reminds you of home for an added ingredient of sweet nostalgia. 

3. Make a Smoothie

yogurt, coffee, milk, cereal, chocolate, cream, blueberry, smoothie bowls, Summer, outdoors, acai bowls, smoothies, refreshing
Julia Gilman

A smoothie is another opportunity to exercise creativity. You can experiment with unique ingredient combinations, colors, and flavors.

#SpoonTip: If you're feeling extra, top off your smoothie with sprinkles, cacao nibs, coconut whipped cream or even a tiny umbrella! 

4. Whip Up a DIY Face Mask

beer, tea, pizza, coffee
Isabella Alessandrini

If you are looking for an excuse to close your eyes after a long day, make a homemade face mask and close your eyes while you soak in the relaxation. 

#SpoonTip: Brew tea such as peppermint or chamomile in a large bowl, then use this as a facial steamer before applying the mask. 

As much as I love all of the Netflix classics–Friends, The Office, Gossip Girl–I believe we should strive for balance between our television consumption and self-care routines. Netflix provides constant stimulation and therefore does not give the brain the chance to truly rest, while these activities allow the mind to calm after a crazy day filled with lots of thinking at school or work or both. So pick one of the ideas in this article for pursuing rest–or try them all!