Run from The Freshman Plague. It's unavoidable. Adjusting to dorm life in the first few weeks of school is more than setting up your desk and organizing your closet. It also exposes your immune system to breeding grounds for viral infections. So if you're experiencing headaches, congestion, coughing, and throat pain, don't panic and miss bunches of class. Take action. Here's a list of pro-tips for minimizing those symptoms so you can wake up as your best self.

1. Water

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Julia Gilman

This one is first on the list, because hydration is the key to recovery. Water can help flush out whatever virus you’ve caught, allowing your body to focus on one thing and one thing only: kicking out your cold. Carry a water bottle to classes for convenient 24/7 access and add a few ice cubes to soothe your throat and suppress coughing.

2. Coffee

Rachel Hicks

Although many people assume coffee is a dehydrating agent, there actually isn't any scientific support for this. As you cope with the hazy cloud over your brain, a few cups of coffee might be just what you need to deal with the dull, aching pain inside your skull. If you aren't a coffee drinker, try tea instead—you’ll still get the benefits of a bit more vigilance without suffering a major energy crash a few hours later. This tame, warm beverage will soothe your scratchy, sore throat as well.

3. Honey

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Sam Jesner

Adding a bit of honey to your tea or even spreading it on some toast might be more advantageous than you know. Honey has immune-boosting antioxidants, and it also acts as a cough suppressant. Even if you don’t feel immediate improvement, it’s delicious and let’s be honest: you’ve got nothing to lose.

4. Soup, soup, soup.

Ben Capouya

Your body can acquire the energy and nutrients it needs from broth-based soups, and luckily d-hall serves them daily. It may seem like a cliché self admittance that you’ve caught The Freshman Plague, but eating soup is a long-time tradition that persists for a reason—it works. Grab a bowl, and you may be pleasantly surprised how your body thanks you.

5. Veggies

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Shari Brown

Although veggies seem less appealing now than ever, as your suffer from a stuffy nose, your body will benefit from some on your plate. Greens will give your system the energy and nutrients for a speedy recovery, and you can feel the self satisfaction of a healthy meal choice. Whether steamed, grilled or uncooked, these bad boys will take your immune defense to the next level. On the bright side, you probably won't be able to taste them anyway. 

6. Emergen-C

Ben Capouya

Although Emergen-C provides one daily serving of vitamin C per packet, I usually consume two a day when I’m sick. Although it may be a placebo effect, downing this powder-based drink seems to shock my body in the best way possible. And it's a two-in-one--you drink a glass of water and get a boost to your immune system. Regardless of the flavor and amount of packets you choose, Vitamin C is a key antioxidant for refreshing your system, and in liquid form, it's more than convenient.

7. Comfort food

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Natalie Beam

You've gotta have it. Whether you're into ice cream or mac n cheese (or both), eat something that you love. Whether it reminds you of home or just makes you smile, you won't regret treating yourself in this time of need. Feel better soon!