If avocados were anything less than the greatest fruit on this planet, I wouldn't have the patience to put up with them. They're perfectly ripe for what seems like a few fleeting minutes before they start to deteriorate away on your countertop. 

Living in a place where I can pay upwards of $3 for one avocado, I can't afford to let one go to waste. But a little bit of research reveals that there are actually uses for that mush. Don't throw those beauties in the trash; instead, give them a new purpose with these tips.

Just Eat It

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lauren feld

I'm not talking about the brown stuff. When avocados turn brown, it's a sign the fats are breaking down. There's no bacteria or other gross stuff that's infecting the whole fruit, but it's recommended that you avoid eating any bits of browned avocado.

If you can successfully scrape away any brown portions to reveal green flesh, that stuff is still good. As long as the green underneath still passes the sniff test (as in no rancid odors), it's totally safe to eat. 

There are some recipes that are actually better suited for overripe avocados. Try mixing some in with eggs for a creamy scramble, making an avocado based dressing or sauce, or even baking some avocado brownies. Your friends won't even be able to tell what's in them.

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If the idea of even eating something that's touched mushy avocado makes you squeamish, or if your entire avocado has turned brown, there's still hope. As long as the smell isn't unbearable, it's good to use in many other ways.

Make a Face Mask

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Combining mushy avocado with some other ingredients can give your face a moisturizing glow. Mix a whole avocado with a tablespoon of honey, apply to the face, and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Be sure to avoid the eyes and mouth when applying.

...Or a Hair Mask

Kiel Hollo

Turns out, there are actually a ton of foods that are good for your hair. I can vouch for the magic of applying avocado to dry, brittle hair. Create a mixture of equal parts avocado and banana with a little bit of olive oil. Let it sit in your hair for 15 minutes and wash normally. Now bask in the glow of your luscious locks and be less afraid of buying avocados in bulk.

Use As a Moisturizer

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If they work wonders on your hair and face, they'll certainly do the same for the rest of your skin. It's as simple as rubbing some mashed avocado onto dry skin. Doing this can help soothe sunburns, too. I'd recommend showering afterwards unless walking around smelling like guac is your thing.

Treat Your Feet

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This one takes a little more time to prep but uses every single part of the avocado. Let avocado pits dry out for a few days and grind them up with a coffee grinder. Mix the ground pit, cornmeal, some avocado, and sea salt, then massage the mixture into your feet.

You can also stick a few fresh pits in a bowl and rub your feet over them for a massage.

#SpoonTip: The inside of an avocado peel does wonders for callouses.  

But When You're Just Too Grossed Out...

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I get it, sometimes an avocado goes so far south that the thought of using them in any way is unbearable. As a last resort, throw your avocado and all its parts in your compost pile. You should chop up the skins and crush dried pits to help them break down faster. Take some joy in knowing these unfulfilled avocados will bring life to a new plant in the near future.