Traveling often means the more you see, the better. So, the less you spend, the better. Restaurants are expensive, so food and drinks often get cut out of the budget. For those of us who are trying to save, but also can't let go of brunch, here is a list of the best Wellington food deals for every day of the week. Because food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, eating is part of traveling, and now we have a list to make us feel better about it. 


Chow: 2 for 1 mains

Eva Beva: 2 for 1 burgers

Flying Burrito Brothers: 2 for 1 mains


Southern Cross: 2 for 1 stonegrills

Rogue and Vagabond: Taco Tuesday ($2 tacos)

The Library: 2 for 1 dessert


Pizza Pomodoro: $10 margarita pizzas

The Little Waffle Shop: Waffle Wednesday ($5 waffle)

The Library: 2 for 1 cocktails


Mama Brown: $10 student meals

Tequila Joe's: Tostada Thursday (all you can eat tostadas)

Little Beer Quarter: $10 lunch


Southern Cross: $12 lunch

The Hunter Lounge: 2 for 1 pizzas

The Night Market: cheap food trucks


Fidel's: $10 Heineken and half a large pizza

Bangalore Polo Club: $10 cocktails

Chow: 2 for 1 cocktails


Harbourside Market: cheap food trucks

Vinyl Bar: 2 for 1 pizza

Bangalore Polo Club: Gin Sunday ($14 gin pitchers)